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'The Riddle Within' Escape Rooms On A Plane Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

'The Riddle Within' Escape Rooms On A Plane Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

From November this year, 'The Riddle Within' is bringing two brand new escape rooms to London.

Nicole Cherruault

Nicole Cherruault

If you're looking to spend a day being totally terrified whilst trying to escape from a locked up place or nuclear power station, then we've got just the thing for you.

The Riddle Within has teamed up with one of London's largest clubs, Studio 338, and the team behind Brighton's Bewilder Box, to bring us two terrifying escape room experiences which are coming to the capital in November.

Flight 338 - a real decommissioned jet plane - has been shipped in specifically for the experience and ready for its first players from November 2019.

Participants will be dressed in prisoner garments and handcuffs (fun, no?) before being escorted aboard a "prisoner plane". Your mission is to escape from the plane before being transported to a lifetime behind bars.

The Riddle Within

As the world's first ever escape room on a plane, participants will be faced with a number of new challenges all with the intention of getting your heart racing and brow sweating.

In a limited amount of time, you will have to find clues, solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and work with other loyal game players to get out as quickly as possible.

As well as an escape room on the actual plane, the company is also launching Chernobyl: 10 Seconds to Midnight which is due to take place from January 2020.

If you thought the recent HBO drama Chernobyl was tense, this is bound to get your pulse running at a million miles an hour.

The Riddle Within

Set in April 1986, players will revisit the consequence of events that occurred that fateful night. You and your group will be trapped in the control room of the Chernobyl power plant and under strict time pressure will be forced to save the world from a nuclear disaster.

As the clock ticks, you and your teammates will have to solve a series of problems and tests in order to prevent nuclear collapse.

Tickets start from £20 per head and go up to £60 dependent on group size. You can book them here. Who's ready?

Featured Image Credit: The Riddle Within

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