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Woman Says Parents Should Give Up Alcohol To 'Be Fully Present'

Woman Says Parents Should Give Up Alcohol To 'Be Fully Present'

A woman has sparked a social media debate by claiming people should give up alcohol when they become parents in order to be "fully present" for their children.

Off the back of actress Anne Hathaway revealing she is giving up alcohol until her youngest child turns 18, two mums gave their thoughts on the topic on yesterday's (Tuesday, 23rd April) Good Morning Britain.

Radio presenter Janey Lee Grace gave her full support to the idea, revealing that she has been sober for a year and four months.


Meanwhile, writer Vicki Psarias argued that there is nothing wrong with drinking responsibly as a parent around your kids.

Explaining she would drink a bottle of wine a night, Janey said: "I didn't have a dramatic rock bottom.

"In my case completely high functioning no one would know there was a problem but I knew there was a problem at 3am when I woke up thinking, 'Why did I finish that bottle?'

Janey argued parents should give up drink. Credit: ITV
Janey argued parents should give up drink. Credit: ITV

"I woke up feeling like absolute rubbish but more importantly I wouldn't have been able to drive my kid to the hospital if they needed to go in the middle of the night.

"I wasn't fully present and because of hangovers, because of drinking, I wasn't everything I could be for them, so I was definitely a worse parent."

However, Vicki argued: "I'm not drinking that much and I don't think you have to be a martyr to be a good mother either.

"My family are Greek and we were brought up very much like the French. Alcohol was quite a natural thing therefore it wasn't demonised, it wasn't something to be abused."

Writer Vicki disagreed with Janey. Credit: ITV
Writer Vicki disagreed with Janey. Credit: ITV

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And reflecting on Anne's decision, Vicki said: "I think it's hard with Anne Hathaway because women have got all this pressure anyway and suddenly we've got this idea, why is it so extreme?

"It also leads to the idea that a parent should never be without their child, I've had nights out with my friends still have a life you're entitled to a life. Mums and dads shouldn't feel guilty. Let's not demonise it."

People watching at home were quick to share their thoughts on drinking alcohol as a parent.

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Disagreeing that parents should give up alcohol, one person tweeted: "A sociable drink at home without getting lashed should be teaching kids alcohol in moderation is OK & that you don't need to get pissed to enjoy a drink!

"As long as you're not getting wasted in front of them then what's the problem?" added another.


However, others agreed that parents should lead a teetotal lifestyle.

"Drinking alcohol and still be a responsible parent?? Said No One Ever," wrote one.

While another revealed she never drinks in front of her children, tweeting: "I don't drink in front of my kids, I don't drink at home. I drink socially every few months. Because I saw my mum drink daily growing up, I don't want to be that person."

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