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Floods And Heavy Wind Expected Across UK As Tail End Of Hurricane Lorenzo Hits

Floods And Heavy Wind Expected Across UK As Tail End Of Hurricane Lorenzo Hits

The UK should expect heavy rain and wind as we see the effects of Hurricane Lorenzo today.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

The Met Office has warned that Hurricane Lorenzo is set to cause chaos this afternoon as it hits the UK and Ireland.

Issuing yellow weather warnings as the tail end of the hurricane hits on Thursday, experts have stated that heavy rain and up to 65mph winds should be expected in some parts of the UK, while winds of 90mph will hit Ireland.

This warning means we should expect travel delays and possibly short-term loss of power.

Ireland is set to be the worst affected by the storm, with coastal and hilly areas of Northern Ireland, south-Wales and south-West England also expected to be hit.

Lorenzo is on the way to the UK and Ireland

The heaviest winds will hit Ireland's west-coast, while waves in the area could also reach 32ft.

Meanwhile, The Environment Agency has issued 12 flood warnings and 454 flood alerts across the country today, while blustery whether is also expected.

On Sunday night, the Met Office reported that the hurricane had strengthened rapidly to become "the strongest hurricane on record this far north and east in the Atlantic region with winds near 160 mph.

It hit the Azores, Portugal, in full force earlier this week, and is now hurtling towards the British Isles as a weakened storm.

Heavy rain is expected across some part of the UK

Chief MET Office Meteorologist Andy Page said: At the moment the strongest winds are expected in western Ireland, with a risk of coastal gales developing in Northern Ireland on Thursday and south Wales and south-west England on Friday.

"Storm Lorenzo will also bring a spell of heavy rain to much of the UK mainly during Thursday night and the first half of Friday.

"Our advice is to pay close attention to the weather forecast over the next couple of days and to keep an eye out for any weather warnings that may be issued in your area."

Yellow weather warnings are expected to remain in place across many of these affected areas until Saturday.

No BBQ's this weekend then, folks!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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