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Sir David Attenborough Is Being Honoured With A Lifetime Achievement Award And About Time

Sir David Attenborough Is Being Honoured With A Lifetime Achievement Award And About Time

Sir David Attenborough is being honoured with the most prestigious TV Choice Award of the bunch...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Given the fact he is already a national treasure, it will come as a surprise to nobody that Sir David Attenborough is being honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2019 TV Choice Awards.

The popular nature documentary presenter and activist, 93, has bagged a fair amount of gongs in his time - but he was handed one of the most prestigious of them all at his London home ahead of the ceremony tonight.

The award honours Sir David's incredible 60 year career, in which he has worked on natural history documentaries such as Planet Earth, Blue Planet and Frozen Planet.

David Attenborough has won the TV Choice Lifetime Achievement Award
TV Choice

Releasing the news in a statement, the TV Choice Awards said: "Still working, learning and making programmes, Sir David Attenborough isn't just a British hero, he's a global icon."

Upon accepting the award, he responded: "What I do isn't always entertaining, and sometimes people hear things they don't like. But this is an honour and a great pleasure."

Through his documentaries, Sir David has highlighted the plight of plastic pollution, climate change and the rapid decline in the population of endangered species.

He's also worked tirelessly to engage younger generations into continuing to make changes once his time is up.

David Attenborough passionately campaigns about the state of the planet
PA images

And despite his age, Sir David is showing no signs of slowing down. After the massive success of Planet Earth II last year, the BBC announced he would be returning to our screens once again with Blue Planet II. Brilliant.

He's set to make two appearances in the new seven-part series, as well as narrating. Sir David has promised viewers they will be blown away by footage which the crew managed to record 1,000 metres under the Antarctic Ocean.

Speaking shortly after the BBC announcement, he said: "I am truly thrilled to be joining this new exploration of the underwater worlds which cover most of our planet, yet are still its least known."

Sir David Attenborough even made a guest appearance at Glastonbury
BBC Earth

Sir David has also tirelessly campaigned about the state of the natural world, speaking at Glastonbury Festival on the pyramid stage and stepping in to work on an "urgent" documentary on climate change named Extinction: The Facts, which is currently being produced by the BBC.

We can't think of anyone who deserves this more, tbh.

Congrats to Sir David!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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