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Woman Confronts Man 'Taking Photos Of Her Legs' In London Street

Woman Confronts Man 'Taking Photos Of Her Legs' In London Street

Ollie O’Neill, 24, was alerted to the man taking photos of her legs by a bystander.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A young woman has confronted a stranger after she allegedly discovered him taking 'over 20 photos' of her legs on his phone in the street.

Ollie O'Neill claims she was alerted to a man taking photos of her without her permission in China Town in central London when a concerned bystander approached her.

The 24-year-old then challenged the man, demanding he delete the photos in an incident that she says has left her "really shaken up".

"Why are you taking photos of my legs? I want to know. Don't f*cking take photos of me in public," Ollie can be heard saying to a grey-haired man wearing a red jacket in a video posted on her Twitter.

"I am a professor at the university in Oslo. I am looking for fashion," the man retorted, before bizarrely telling her she should be "proud".

The man then agrees to delete the photos, flashing her a look at one of the images he has captured, saying: "These are your legs."

After, the woman who alerted Ollie to the man taking photographs of her joins in, telling the man he shouldn't take photos of her, at which point he waves his finger at her calling her a "silly girl".


The man then shows Ollie the photos on his mobile phone, showing her legs in black tights, and says he is deleting them.

The bystander chime sin once more at which point the man begins shouting at her, far more aggressively this time.

"No pictures of you again," the man says, as he taps away on his photo, supposedly deleting the photos.

"I dread to think of all the other women you have taken a f***ing photo of," Ollie says back to him. "You are on your own phone taking photos of women's legs. That is not professional photography."

The incident took place in London's China Town.

Speaking about the incident that happened at 5.30pm outside HSBC, Ollie told the Independent: "I saw him delete one [image] but I would say there were lots still on the phone.

"I decided to put the incident online because I am used to coming away from these interactions carrying something with me - whether it is resentment or fear - and I thought in this instance, he can carry something with him too and I will show everyone who he is.

"Yesterday I was shaken. Now I am just angry because I should be able to leave my house and walk along the streets without something like that happening to me. It is exhausting that something like this happens."

Ollie first tweeted about the incident on Monday (30th September), adding in the comments: "I'm sick and fucking tired of existing this way. The woman was so lovely and kind and gave me a hug and let the staff in the store know to look out for him. I'm sick of women having to look out for each other this way. I'm so fucking tired."

A Met Police spokesman told The Sun Online: "Police spoke to a woman on Monday after she had made contact about an incident in Gerrard Street, W1 that had taken place at around 5.30pm that day.

"An appointment has been arranged with a view to establishing whether any criminal offences have been committed."

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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