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UK Foreign Office Advising Against All Travel Indefinitely

UK Foreign Office Advising Against All Travel Indefinitely

The Foreign Office is advising the public against all non-essential global travel "indefinitely", as per new coronavirus advice.

The governmental department has updated its guidance - which formerly warned British citizens not to travel unless absolutely vital until April 15th - to the unspecified period of time.

"We advise against all non-essential global travel indefinitely," it explained on official social media accounts.


"The situation is rapidly changing, travellers could face severe disruption and be unable to return to the UK."

It comes as 10 airlines - from TUI to Ryanair and British Airways to easyJet - are working with the government to charter flights to bring thousands of Brits home who are stuck abroad.


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The Foreign Office's former advice faced criticism as people were still booking flights after April 15th, thinking it is safe to do so. Airlines such as BA and TUI are still offering packages in April, May and beyond.

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However, the body's new "indefinitely" time frame is facing a new wave of criticism from Brits, too.

Many are currently uncertain about whether they should rebook, claim refunds or claim on insurance for flights they already have booked.

(Credit: PA)
(Credit: PA)

A spokesperson for the Association for British Travel Agents (ABTA) told iNews: "Although the advice has now changed for an indefinite period, this is now in essence the same as any 'all but essential' travel advice and it could be removed at any time.

"As such there is no change to the advice for members and customers in this regard. Travel companies can still look at imminent departures and decide how far in advance they will begin to offer alternative arrangements/ refunds or equivalent options."

It comes as thousands of Brits have found themselves in the dark about their upcoming holiday plans.

Many airlines, such as easyJet and BA are offering no-fee rebookings amidst the uncertainty of coronavirus.

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