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First Ever Chicken Nugget Fired Into Space

First Ever Chicken Nugget Fired Into Space

Yes, you read that correctly...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

In perhaps the most bizarre news we've heard to date, a chicken nugget has been catapulted into space.

Yep, joining the likes of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Tim Peake in the history books is a literal piece of breaded chicken. You honestly couldn't make this up.

In new pictures and footage, shared by supermarket Iceland, the nugget can be seen hanging from a specially structured vessel, as high as 110,000 feet above the Earth - that's 880,000 nuggets high.

Watch a clip below:

The vessel was designed by a team of experts in the field of stratospheric exploration, and the 'nug was sent into space using a meteorological weather balloon filled with hydrogen, which is lighter than air, so that it floated up to the stratosphere.

Using a custom-designed launch vehicle including primary avionics, auxiliary satellite tracking and integrated camera support system taking video footage, the solitary nugget could be seen floating around in the earth's atmosphere.

We mean, we knew nuggets were out of this world, but this one really was.

The nugget took off from Iceland's head office in Deeside, North Wales, to mark its 50th birthday.

The nugget was fired into the atmosphere (

They worked with Sent into Space, a team of experts in the field of stratospheric adventure, to make the tasty space cargo a reality.

(You know, Iceland, you could have just got a cake, but we rate the effort...)

Chicken nuggets have remained a staple in the frozen aisle throughout Iceland's 50-year history, with more than 10 million chicken nuggets, chunks and strips sold last week alone.

Andrew Staniland, trading director at Iceland, said: "2020 is a huge year for us as we celebrate our 50th birthday, and we wanted to find ways to mark the occasion, just like anyone celebrating a birthday in lockdown.

Soon, the nug' was up above the clouds (

"What better way to show that our products are out of this world than by sending one of our customer favourites into space.

"We've all changed the way we shop in recent months and frozen food has never been so popular.

"We're looking forward to continuing to celebrate our 50th year with customers and thanking them for their support."

We're going to level with you - given everything crazy going on in the world right now, we certainly didn't imagine that this was what science buffs have been working on.

But, hey, it certainly put a smile on our faces.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS