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Chester Zoo Is Launching A Magical Animal Lantern Event For Christmas

Chester Zoo Is Launching A Magical Animal Lantern Event For Christmas

Chester Zoo's Lanterns extravaganza promises to be one of the most exciting events in its calendar.

Rachel Pugh

Rachel Pugh

Now both Halloween and Bonfire Night are out of the way, we can emerge ourselves in Christmas events galore without the fear of being shamed for starting 'too early'.

That said, you'd be forgiven for rushing straight to the nearest German-inspired market to eat your body weight in bratwurst, and sip on some Gluhwein in the comfort of a wooden hut.

But if you fancy something a little different in the run up to Christmas, you should head down to Chester Zoo, where a magical lantern extravaganza is taking place.

Visitors to the Zoo's festive spectacular will be welcomed by nine specially created 'worlds', which are filled to the brim with animal-inspired illuminations, magical lanterns, and costumed characters.

Santa Claus himself will also be making an appearance - because the bearded bloke enjoys looking at the elephants and penguins as much as the rest of us.

The event's official description reads: "Visitors arriving at the zoo will enter into a 'Garden of Delight', filled with giant illuminated flowers and huge friendly snails, before meandering through a series of fairy-tale worlds.

Chester Zoo

"Guests will first discover a Moonlit Meadow, home to some favourite animal lanterns from years gone by, featuring species' such as giraffe, elephant, lion, tiger, rhino and zebra - as well as specially created new sun bears, cheetahs and mandrills.

"The journey continues through a giraffe lantern filled zone called Shangri La, into a Cloud Cuckoo Land of stunningly colourful bird lanterns and costumed characters, including a brilliant Southern cassowary and majestic great hornbill.

"Those who wish to stop off at the Zoo's Northern Lights zone will enjoy Christmas trees, Christmas markets and Father Christmas himself, before travelling on into the snow-filled Enchanted Woodland, placing much-loved British wildlife up in lights.

Chester Zoo

"In Rainforest Aglow, families can walk underneath fantastical neon vines - and look out for the glowing sloth couple overhead.

"Finally, no Christmas spectacular would be complete without penguin lanterns and characters, which can be found in the zoo's new Ice Kingdom. Festive food will be served throughout the route - including at the zoo's Christmas markets."

Speaking about the event, Jon Turley, Chester Zoo's Head of Guest Experience, said: "We really hope this specially crafted journey through the zoo will create some magical, festive family memories.

Chester Zoo

"The Lanterns will take you into colourful new worlds - whether you want to stroll among our animal inspired lanterns or meet a host of twinkly costumed characters, such illuminated reindeer, dazzling penguins and even an emu and a curious white rabbit."

The event runs on selected nights from 23 November to 23 December, and has been set up in the hope of raising funds to support the Zoo's work as a conservation charity fighting to prevent animal extinction.

Ticket prices start at £10 for adults, and cost up to - £17.50 for peak times. Children's tickets start at £5, with prices ranging up to £15. Little ones aged 2 and under go for free.

Chester Zoo

Tickets can be purchased on Chester Zoo's website.

Featured Image Credit: Chester Zoo

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