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Bin Men Remarkably Find Missing £3,000 Engagement Ring In The Rubbish

Bin Men Remarkably Find Missing £3,000 Engagement Ring In The Rubbish

Needle in a haystack, much?

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Proving that one man's trash really can be another man's treasure, bin men in Wales have located a £3,000 engagement ring in the rubbish after it was thrown away by mistake.

Jo and Craig with the precious engagement ring (
Wales News Service)

The search in Caldicot, South Wales, involved sifting through hundreds of black bags before the was triumphantly retrieved by the eagle-eyed bin men.

The lost-and-found bling belongs to Jo Carter, 35, who realised her treasured diamond ring had gone astray and must have been scooped into the regular lorry collection. The accident occurred while the ring was being stored on top of a candle in her bathroom.

Cut to Jo's husband Craig making a mad dash to the tip, where he begged the bin men to rummage through the contents of their black sacks. Needle in a haystack, much?

The heroic bin men happily accepted their mission impossible, with two workers setting to work on the smelly task.

Hero Monmouthshire County binmen, Rhys and Darren (
Wales News Service)

Luckily, Craig knew that the bag in question would also contain things from the couple's bathroom, and was able to help the bin men with their search.

Together the men picked through hundreds of bags with a fine-tooth comb before locating the right one and carefully pulling the contents out, to reveal Jo's diamond ring.

"[The ring] has huge sentimental value and is also very expensive and not insured," said Jo.

"I've lost 10 stone since I had it and haven't worn it for a long time. It was at my mother's for years, but she gave it back to me a few months ago."

"Two amazing human beings trawled through hundreds of bags to find it. Their kindness and good hearts have had me in tears."

The couple rewarded the two Monmouthshire County bin men, Rhys and Darren, with a box of beer each, a £25 food voucher and a £10 scratch card.

Jo plans to store the ring more securely in future. "I'm going to give it back to my mum - she's more sensible."

To avoid another nerve-shredding mishap, let's hope Jo's resolution isn't a throwaway comment.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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