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Chilling Moment Blogger Accidentally Films Missing Gabby Petito's Van

Chilling Moment Blogger Accidentally Films Missing Gabby Petito's Van

Travel blogger Jen Bethune has described the moment she came across Gabby Petito's van.

A travel blogger has opened up about the moment she came across Gabby Petito’s van in a Wyoming national park.

Social media influencer Gabrielle 'Gabby' Petito, 22, was reported missing after not having spoken to her family since late August.

She had been living in a converted white Ford Transit Connect camper van while travelling across the States with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie, 23, with their journey documented on social media.

YouTuber Jen Bethune recorded footage of the fan on 27th August at the Spread Creek Campground, the same location where investigators found remains in connection to the search for Gabby.

Watch the clip below:

Bethune spoke to Fox News about the footage of the van. “I am so sad that we couldn’t bring her back alive, but to be able to bring her back home to her family or to help with that is everything.

“It is so heartwarming that everything fell in place in order to make that happen.

Jen said she remembered driving past the van and took notice because it had Florida licence plates. Gabby and her fiancé Brian lived together with his parents in North Port, Florida.

Gabby Petito has been missing since the end of August (

She added: “The reason why we noticed the van is because we’re from Florida and the van had Florida plates and we wanted to stop by and say hi.

“But the van was very dark, closed up, looked like no activity so we ended up continuing to drive.”

Appeals were made to anyone who was in Grand Teton National park in Wyoming over the last month to check their videos and photos for evidence in the search for Gabby. That’s when Jen noticed the van in her footage.

“I got chills all over my body and ran straight back to my laptop, got my GoPro footage, and lo and behold Gabby’s van was on there,” she explained.

Gabby had been travelling America with her fiance (
Instagram/ Gabby Petito)

The footage has been turned in to the FBI. Jen said she has spoken to Gabby’s mum.

“It was beautiful, we got to share some moments together on a FaceTime,” she said.

“Just two moms, really just have a great cry.”

On Sunday, police confirmed they have found human remains in the national park. An autopsy will take place on Tuesday.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ @gabspetito/ @redwhiteandbethune

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