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Jack Is Officially The Naughtiest Name

Jack Is Officially The Naughtiest Name

Who's been naughty and who's been nice this year?

The naughtiest and nicest names for 2021 have been revealed, and bad news this Christmas if your name is Jack or Jade. Those names have been revealed as topping the naughty list, so it'll be coal from Santa for you...

After making a list and checking it twice, research from the The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience has determined which names are the 'naughtiest' and Jack tops the list, with one in ten of us encountering a troublesome Jack. Well with leading examples including comedian Jack Whitehall and footballer Jack Grealish, is it any wonder?

Jack topped the naughty list this year...sorry Jack Grealish! (

Whilst the research determined who has been naughty or mischievous this year, it also discovered who has been good this year too. Charlottes were revealed as one of the top nice names, followed by Emily and Emma. All good news for the likes of Princess Charlotte, Emily Atack and Emma Watson who can expect lots of gifts on Christmas Day.

The nice and naughty name list came from recent research from The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience which also discovered that a third of Brits believe that someone’s name can impact their personality. Men are also more likely to believe that a person's name can influence their personality with two in five men admitting to this, compared to just over a quarter of women.

Jack and Jade topped the naughty list this year (

So not only can our names have an effect on our personality but we can also feel judged on our names. Men are the worst for judging a book by it's... well, name with a quarter of men admitting to doing so, compared to just one in ten women. Apparently where you live can have an effect too, with those living in Greater London are most likely to say that they would judge someone by their name compared to just 20 percent of people living in and around Manchester. Bad news for Jacks living in London then...

Good news for Charlottes like new mum Charlotte Dawson who has topped the nice list this year (

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings explained why we are so quick to judge someone on their name. She said: "A lot can be taken from a name. It is key to our self-identity and how people communicate with us when we first meet them. Psychological research confirms that if you have an unusual or distinct name, you are more likely to pursue a more unusual career.

"Or if your name is associated with a famous person, people may judge you on your name or expect you to behave like that person and adjust to that behaviour in some way.

She continued: "It’s no surprise to see that the research reveals a third of Brits believe that someone’s name can impact their personality, because it is something many of us have experienced for ourselves. If we feel 'judged' by our names – which a fifth of people admitted to – we are very likely to respond behaviourally, often subconsciously, to that judgement. So, there is more science to those naughty and nice names than we might expect!"

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