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People Are Just Discovering Secret Button On The Back Of Their iPhone

People Are Just Discovering Secret Button On The Back Of Their iPhone

How did we not know this before?

Another day, another incredible feature we never knew our iPhones could do. Yep, people have just discovered there's an easy way to take selfies, food shots or a stunning landscape shot with just two taps.

Officially known as the 'Back Tap', the feature is available on the latest version of iOS or the iPhone 8 and the models that came after.

You can watch a video of how it can be done below:

In the clip, TikToker @ellyawesometech reveals how to use the button to easily Shazam songs, but it can be set up to take selfies too.

All you have to do is go into your settings and click 'accessibility'.

Then press 'touch' and you'll be taken to a long menu with a variety of options. Scroll to the bottom where you'll see the option to turn 'Back Tap' on or off. Once you click on it you'll be taken to another menu showing the options 'Double Tap' or 'Triple Tap'. Click 'Double Tap' and select 'camera' and voila! You're now able to take selfies.

You may also notice the Double Tap hack works for lots of other iPhone functions if you wish to choose them instead of the camera. Like locking the screen, taking a screenshot or muting audio.

A quick double tap on the back of your iPhone will open the camera app (

When the hack was shared on the Mum Central Facebook page, lots of people tagged their friends in the comments after discovering the feature they never thought they had.

One commenter said they were “Mind blown”.

While a second person shared: “It works!! This is so cool! Even with a case one”

Similarly, a third Facebook user wrote: “It actually works”

And a fourth simply said: “I am shooketh!!!”

iPhone users were left 'shook' by the feature (

In other Apple news, iPhone users recently discovered there's a way to reverse one of the new iOS 15 updates.

For all the slick new details added into the update, some Apple users have been left frustrated by the changes that have been made to Safari, Apple devices’ default browser app.

The update sees the URL bar, that was once sat at the top of the screen, migrate to the bottom of the display, and disappears entirely as you scroll.

The reasoning behind this change, according to tech magazine WIRED, is to make one-handed scrolling easier for users.

But many iPhone users found the update annoying. You can read about how to change it back here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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