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This Man Is Helping Women Get Home Safely In Time For Christmas Party Season

This Man Is Helping Women Get Home Safely In Time For Christmas Party Season

Home Safe is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making sure women can travel home safely.

A student has launched an initiative to help women, girls and vulnerable members of the community get home safely without worrying about money.

Home Safe, a new campaign scheduled to launch today (1st December), will help people short of cash get a taxi home by refunding them up to £10 of the cost of their trip.

If you need help getting an Uber home, Home Safe is here to help (

The initiative can be used to get an Uber, Bolt or other taxi app to travel home, and will be available across the country.

London-based university student Match Sienkiewicz decided to start the campaign after speaking to female friends, who often said they felt unsafe walking or getting other methods of transport home, but couldn’t always afford taxis.

“We want to get women, girls and anyone who needs us home safe,” Match explains on the Home Safe Instagram page.

“We are here to help those who can’t afford to get an Uber home. Our mission is to alleviate the financial stress which often is the main factor to why women and girls choose to take a less safe journey home.”

Nearly half of women said they felt unsafe walking home at night (

Speaking to the Independent, Match added: “I started Home Safe because I felt like there was a real absence of men talking about women’s safety.

“Around the time of Sarah Everard’s disappearance, a lot of my girl friends were talking about it and sharing things online, but there was shockingly little support from the male community.

“I knew that while there wasn’t a solution, there was definitely steps we could take in the right direction. As a young lad myself, I felt a responsibility to do something about it.”

Home Safe, which will be operated by volunteers and funded entirely by donations, has since raised £5,543 since the fundraiser opened in November – the equivalent of 554 refunded trips.

The Christmas party season will be in full swing soon (

The initiative comes after a seismic year for women’s safety, with the murders of Sarah Everard and Sabina Nessa sparking national conversations.

Figures released earlier this year from the Office of National Statistics show that 50 per cent of women feel unsafe when walking home alone at night.

You can find out more about Home Safe, and donate to the initiative, here.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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