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Gabby Petito Followers Spot Bizarre 'Clue' In Police Bodycam Footage Of Fight With Brian Laundrie

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Gabby Petito Followers Spot Bizarre 'Clue' In Police Bodycam Footage Of Fight With Brian Laundrie

Followers of Gabby Petito believe they have spotted 'inconsistencies' in police footage showing the influencer and her fiancé shortly before their disappearance.

The video, captured via a police officer's bodycam, depicts Gabby with partner Brian Laundrie just days before she was reported missing.

Petito has since been pronounced dead after the FBI found a body in a Wyoming national park on Sunday 19th, while Laundrie's location still remains unknown.

In the footage, an officer pulls the couple's van over in Moab, Utah after a concerned citizen called the police when they witnessed a fight between Petito and Laundrie.


But fans have been left puzzled by an obscure detail in the clip.

At around 14.13, you see Laundrie talking to the police and saying: "I don't really, I don't have a phone" but just minutes later he appears to produce a handset from his pocket.

Watch the new video below:



The exchange came after cops questioned Laundrie over the altercation between the couple, to which he replied: "We had a little disagreement. The disagreement was she was getting a little worked up. Little things. In a relationship, there's a lot of little things."

"She got worked up and had her phone in her hand and her rings and I had the keys. I didn't want to go anywhere. I didn't have my phone, I don't really, I don't have a phone so if she goes without me on a car ride, I'm on my own," he continued.

Laundrie explained that witnesses simply saw her trying to get the keys from him.

However, as the footage continues, we see Laundrie taking a phone out of his pocket to show to officers after he is asked for his phone number, despite appearing to claim that he didn't have a phone at all.

Laundrie is telling the police that it was a "disagreement", not an altercation. (Credit: Law&Crime Network/Utah Police)
Laundrie is telling the police that it was a "disagreement", not an altercation. (Credit: Law&Crime Network/Utah Police)

Laundrie's parents have claimed they have not seen him for well over a week, and officers began searching a national park in Florida for him but couldn't find any evidence that he had been there.

Despite reported sightings of Laundrie in Alabama, police have not found any credible leads.

The FBI have since issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie on the charges of bank card fraud. Law enforcement services allege that Laundrie used someone else's bank card to make charges, although it has not been disclosed whose card he used, or what he bought.

Petito was last seen August 24. (Credit: Instagram/gabspetito)
Petito was last seen August 24. (Credit: Instagram/gabspetito)

A coroner confirmed that Gabby's death is a suspected homicide.

A memorial was held for Gabby by her family, with her father, Joe Petito, issuing a tender message.

"I don't want you guys to be sad, to be honest with you," Joe said. "Gabby did not live that way."


“If there is a relationship that you’re in that might not be the best thing for you, leave it now. Take care of yourself first.

“I would like you to take a look at these videos [of Gabby's road-trip] and I want you to be inspired by them. If there’s a trip you guys want to take, take it now.

"Do it now while you have the time.”

“Gabby is the most amazing person I’ve ever met,” he concluded. “So, if you’re going to leave here today, I’m asking that you guys be inspired by the way she treated people, all people.

“The entire planet knows this woman’s name."

Featured Image Credit: Law & Crime Network/Utah Police

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