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Gabby Petito's Followers Raise Doubts Over 'Suspicious' Final Posts

Gabby Petito's Followers Raise Doubts Over 'Suspicious' Final Posts

The influencer’s final few Instagram posts have raised suspicions among those who are following the tragic story.

The tragic case of Gabby Petito has fascinated and captivated people across the world, as police are trying to ascertain just what happened to the influencer in the days and weeks before her death.

Family of the 22-year-old had not heard from her since August, and she was officially reported missing on 11th September, after her fiancé Brian Laundrie returned home from their road trip without her.

Gabby's style of Instagram post changed quite suddenly (
Instagram - gabbypetito)

Earlier this week, Petito’s body was recovered from Bridger–Teton National Forest in Wyoming – with Laundrie, who has been noted by the police as a person of interest, having gone missing himself.

While many people following the case have taken to Gabby’s Instagram to pay their respects, others have now raised their suspicions about her final few Instagram posts.

The blogger had been documenting her road trip in a series of pictures with a few short captions and tagging her location.

However, the last few images, from Arches National Park, were not consistent with her usual posting style – with far longer captions that didn’t use Gabby’s usual tone of voice and hashtags added in as comments – something Gabby didn’t do.

Others noticed that many of the new posts were mainly about Laundrie and how considerate he was as a partner.

Gabby's final posts saw her exploring a national park (
Instagram - gabbypetito)

Many armchair detectives now believe that Gabby may not have posted these pictures on social media herself, flocking to the comments to query her apparent change in posting style.

While there is currently no proof that they were not written by Gabby herself, one follower noted: “She went the longest time between posts here since their trip began (12 days), and suddenly she's writing paragraphs about how they're risk-taking hikers??? And no longer tagging their location?”.

“This is 100 per cent not her writing this, come on,” said a second.

A third added: “This is not her at all!! It’s really easy to compare her patterns of how she wrote,” putting a heartbroken emoji.

The long captions and multiple commented hashtags were not in keeping with her usual posts (
Instagram - gabbypetito)

Gabby’s final post is simply a series of photos of her, holding a crocheted pumpkin, captioned ‘Happy Halloween.’

“This post doesn't add up, “ one person said. “They were traveling across the country visiting state parks then all of a sudden a post where they are back in civilisation with a generic description. This was not posted by Gabby.”

“I find it a little odd that this was her last post to date, and she didn’t put hashtags on it but there are hashtags on every other post of hers. i’m not convinced she posted this,” added a second.

Gabby's final post just said 'happy Halloween' (
Gabby Petito - Instagram)

Police have not verified whether Gabby's final Instagram posts were really posted by her.

An inquest into Gabby’s body found led to preliminary belief that the cause of death was homicide.

Police are still searching for Laundrie.


Featured Image Credit: Instagram - gabbypetito

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