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Gabby Petito: Hiker Reveals Conversation He Had With 'Dazed' Brian Laundrie

Gabby Petito: Hiker Reveals Conversation He Had With 'Dazed' Brian Laundrie

A hiker claims to have met Laundrie this weekend.

A hiker is adamant he met Brian Laundrie this weekend, while exploring the Appalachian Trail.

Dennis Davis insists he met Laundrie - who is currently missing, and a person of interest in the Gabby Petito case - after receiving an audio clip of Laundrie's voice from Dog The Bounty Hunter.

Laundrie is a person of interest in the Gabby Petito case (
Instagram - gabbypetito)

Dennis, 53, says he was waved down on the trail on 2nd October by a 'dazed' Laundrie who said he had to get to California to see his partner as the couple had had a fight.

“There is no doubt in my mind I spoke to Brian Laundrie - none whatsoever,” said Dennis, the New York Post reports.

“He said ‘man, I’m lost.’ I said ‘what are you trying to find?’ and he said ‘me and my girlfriend got in a fight but she called me, told me she loves me, and I have to get to California to see her.’

Laundrie is a 'person of interest' (
Moab City Police Department)

“I said ‘well, I-40 is right there and you could take it west to California’ and he said, ‘I’m just going to take this road into California’. He was worried and not making sense.”

The Appalachians is thought to be an area of which Laundrie would be familiar with, after it was reported he had once 'lived there for months'.

Gabby had also previously shared a photo of the couple on the trail while celebrating her birthday earlier this year.

Dennis explained he didn't realise he had encountered Laundrie until he later pulled up and checked news reports.

Gabby shared photos of the pair on the trail (
Gabby Petito/Instagram)

There is currently a warrant for Laundrie's arrest for fraud charges, after he was accused of using another person's bank card around the time Gabby went missing.

The couple had been living in the campervan while travelling across the States, with their journey documented on social media. However, their content stopped abruptly and reports state Gabby was last in contact with her family at the end of August.

Laundrie returned to their home in Florida at the beginning of September, while Gabby was reported missing by her family 10 days later, on 11th September.

Police later confirmed that a body found in a Wyoming National Park was the missing YouTuber.

Featured Image Credit: Gabby Petito/Instagram

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