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Stray Dog Named 'Subway Sally' Visits Same Store Every Day For Dinner

Stray Dog Named 'Subway Sally' Visits Same Store Every Day For Dinner

What a clever girl.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

TikTok always provides us with some absolute gems, but the latest viral video might just be our favourite yet.

One user, @kxnuko, has captured the hearts of the world after sharing an adorable video of a stray dog outside the branch of Subway where he works, in Portales, New Mexico.

Revealing the homeless pooch waits patiently outside his shop door every night until they bring him out some scraps of meat, the TikTok user filmed the pup - affectionately named Subway Sally - for all to see.

He explained: "This stray dog has been coming to Subway every night for the past year.

"We always feed her. Her name is Subway Sally."

In the clip, the Subway worker filmed himself selecting her some scraps from the filling bar and taking it over in a napkin.

Adorably, Sally takes the meaty offering immediately and wolfs it down.

In a follow up clip, after taking some nutritional advice from a vet in the comments, @kxnuko captured the pooch enjoying another dinner.

He told her TikTok fans: "So, she's back. Today, I got her some chicken, she's kinda messy though. And some turkey, like that vet lady said."

The worker went on to reveal just how streetwise the adorable animal really is adding that if they don't have anything left to provide her at the end of the day she'll simply take herself off to Taco Bell instead...

What a clever girl!

Sally has had four litters in total since she started showing up at the Subway door, and there have been several unsuccessful attempts to rescue her so far.

In fact, TikTok user @kxnuko said he would take her home himself, but he has a house full of cats.

In another video, he went on to explain he doesn't want to take her to a shelter because he believes the local branch has a high kill rate.

Despite poor Sally not having a home of her own, it looks as if all the local establishments have really banded around her to make sure she's fed and looked after.

She gets a slap up meal every day, and the local florist even grooms her, too.

"Sobbing, absolutely sobbing," one person wrote in the comments after they came across the pooch.

While another gushed: "Not to be too dramatic but I would die for Subway Sally!"

The Sandwich chain even got in on the action, too, tweeting off its official account: "Subway Sally just made all of our dreams come true".

Ours too, Subway. Ours too.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @kxnuko

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