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Britain's Loneliest Dog Has Spent 450 Days In Kennels

Britain's Loneliest Dog Has Spent 450 Days In Kennels

Our hearts are breaking….

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

It seems as if everyone we know got a dog while in lockdown, but there's still a few pooches looking for their forever home.

One such pup is the adorable Bella, who has been deemed 'Britain's loneliest dog' after spending more than 450 days living in kennels.

Bella has been in care for over 450 days (

That cracking sound you can hear? That's the sound of hearts breaking.

Gorgeous Bella was passed from home to home from birth before being brought into RSPCA's care in February 2020, where the one-year-old pup has remained ever since.

Despite spending more than a year at RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Chobham, Surrey, without finding a loving owner, staff say they still hope Bella will find the forever home she deserves.

The staff trained Bella, who was previously shy and not very social (

Bella, a beagle-lurcher cross, is described as having a "lovely, cheeky personality" but could often be very wary and anxious - which staff said is a result of 'emotional scars' she developed being passed around homes as a puppy.

Staff at the centre have used the quiet period over lockdown to tackle Bella's behaviour - through visits from an animal behaviourist, anti-anxiety medication, and regular training.

Deputy manager at RSPCA Millbrook, Liz Wood said: "When Bella came to us, she was very scared and very under socialised with dogs and people. Also her attention and recall with people was limited.

"She had been living in a small flat before coming to our care and was very wary of noises and unfamiliar people."

After hard work from Bella and her care team, the little doggo is now much more confident, much better at socialising, and has even learnt commands such as 'sit', 'down' and 'paw'.

Bella has come a long way since she first came to the RSPCA (

After February marked a year in RSPCA for Bella, Liz says the anniversary has been "an opportunity to celebrate how far she's come".

The cheeky, energetic one-year-old dog is seeking an experienced adult-only home in a rural location - and patient, loving owners who will be around to give her lots of love and attention, and continue her training.

Liz explained: "At times, Bella can be high on life and her lovely, cheeky personality really shines through, but if something scares her or is unfamiliar, she can struggle to cope.

Would you be able to give Bella a forever home? (

"This means she will need a patient and understanding owner who is going to help build up her confidence.

"She enjoys being with people she knows and trusts and would benefit from having an owner who has trained and had young, complex dogs before.

"We are really keen to find a home for Bella - she has already been in four homes and she isn't even two years old.

"We want to make sure that this time she ends up in the right, permanent and happy forever home that she so desperately deserves."

Fingers crossed someone will fall in love with Bella just as hard as we have!

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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