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Cleo Smith: Police Rule Out Popular Theory As They Investigate Abduction

Cleo Smith: Police Rule Out Popular Theory As They Investigate Abduction

The safe return of the four-year-old has led to further questions.

Police in Western Australia have now dismissed a popular theory about Cleo Smith’s abduction – but have suggested that further charges could be laid.

News of the four-year-old’s disappearance when she was out camping with her parents made headlines across the globe, with many dubbing the missing Cleo as “Australia’s Madeleine McCann.”

However, after 18 days missing, police found the girl at an address 50 miles out from the campsite where she was abducted.

Cleo Smith was found safe after being missing for 18 days (
WA Police)

While Terence Darrell Kelly has been charged for kidnapping Cleo, there has been questions as to whether he may have had an accomplice after Cleo claimed a woman “helped dress her and brush her hair”.

But Deputy Police Commissioner Col Blanch has now spoken about that theory, telling reporters that “I can rule that one out.”

When asked if anyone else was aware of Cleo’s alleged abduction, he said: “That’s all part of the investigation at the moment ... my comment is I’m making no comment on the investigation.”

In regards to whether further charges could be brought, Blanch added: “That’s not something that I’ve been briefed on at the moment, but I would never say never because there is a long way to go about piecing together what had happened.” 

Terence Darrell Kelly, 36, has been charged with two offences, including one count of forcibly taking a child aged under 16.

He is yet to enter a plea, and is now being kept in a maximum-security prison in Perth, Australia, until his next court hearing in early December.

The alleged abductor is thought to have made a number of strange and cryptic Facebook statuses around the time of Cleo’s abduction.

Police have suggested further charges could be brought (

The Daily Mail reported that the status read: "I can't accept friend requests from strangers .... I live a private life and I respect those who are on my friend list to ensure their privacy is respected too.

"Us adults have to be careful online too."

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