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Sky's Simon Thomas Reveals Fresh Heartbreak After Another Family Death

Sky's Simon Thomas Reveals Fresh Heartbreak After Another Family Death

The presenter lost his wife to blood cancer in November 2017 and now the family has suffered another devastating blow.

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey

Sky presenter Simon Thomas has revealed fresh heartbreak after his beloved father-in-law died on Wednesday.

The dad-of-one has been keeping things together for his son Ethan after his wife died of myeloid leukaemia in November 2017.

Today, Simon has spoken of more tragedy for the family after Ethan's grandfather died over night over a similar disease.

"Life can feel very cruel. Last night Gemma's Dad's life reached its end as Myeloma took its final toll," he told his Instagram followers.

Instagram/Simon Thomas

"It's devastating for Rebecca who in fourteen months has lost half of her family to #bloodcancer and heartbreaking for Ethan who only a month ago said, 'Why do I keep losing everything I love?'

"Now he's lost the man with whom he had the most special of relationships - the man he called 'Pompa'."

Instagram/Simon Thomas

Along with the heartbreaking post, Simon shared three pictures, including a photo of Ethan kissing his grandfather on the cheek as he smiled.

Simon's wife Gemma died just three days after being diagnosed with the blood cancer, despite going to her GP three times complaining of exhaustion.

Since then, Simon and Ethan have received professional help to cope with their grief and last month it was revealed Simon has found love with church minister's daughter, Derrina Jebb, who has comforted them for the last few months.

Over the festive period, Simon took to Instagram to thank his followers for their support in the year since his wife died.

Instagram/Simon Thomas

"Just a wee note to wish you a very Happy Christmas and to say thank you," he wrote. "Thanks the many on here who have stood by us throughout this year, who have continued to check in to see how we're doing and have carried on sending words of encouragement. Despite having never met most of you, they have meant so much.

"Words cannot describe how much Ethan and I miss Gemma being part of our lives, my heart breaks daily for my boy and the unchangeable truth that his Mum is never coming back.

"But despite his own pain, the light that shines from him has never dimmed, even in the toughest moments. He has dragged me through this year in ways he doesn't yet fully understand but one day will."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Simon Thomas

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