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Sam Thompson Defends Mocking Zara McDermott Breakup With Video

Joanna Freedman

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Sam Thompson Defends Mocking Zara McDermott Breakup With Video

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Sam Thompson

Sam Thompson has spoken out on the video he posted re-enacting his break up with Zara McDermott, insisting he had her "full permission" to share it.

On Sunday, the Made In Chelsea star filmed a TikTok where he mouthed over the moment Zara begged for him back after cheating on him, instead pretending they were talking about the slightly more trivial issue of finishing a Nando's family platter.

While he quickly deleted the video just minutes later, some people accused him of "mocking" his breakup, and his ex's tears.

But now Sam, 27, has insisted that the jokey video "wasn't meant to be revenge" and added that Zara "fully understood the context" in which it was posted.

Check out his explanation below:


In a string of videos on his Instagram story, Sam said: "I'd just like to address the video I took down last night. I found it quite funny... I think 99 per cent of you found it quite funny."

"But to that 0.1 per cent I'd just like to say I did have Zara's full permission to post that, I showed it to her prior and she understood the context of it."

Sam added: "She understood it was actually me taking the p**s out of myself and the fact Made In Chelsea has been there for every high and every low of my entire life, of how mad it is you can take a clip like that and put your own spin on it.

"It's trending on TikTok. I find it hilarious and slightly terrifying."

Sam acted over the breakup scene (Credit: Instagram/ Sam Thompson)
Sam acted over the breakup scene (Credit: Instagram/ Sam Thompson)

Sam later explained yet again that Zara was "on board" with the video.

"She understood it. I would never post something without running it by her, regardless of the fact that we're not together," he wrote.

"It was in no way meant to be revenge or anything like that, and she got that. Maybe in a few months I'll post it again and the humour can be seen by all".

In the video, Sam plays both himself and Zara wrestling over finishing a plate of chicken.

Sam deleted the clip soon after posting it (Credit: Instagram/Sam Thompson)
Sam deleted the clip soon after posting it (Credit: Instagram/Sam Thompson)

"Please, stop, please. Please don't leave me," Zara's voice said.

"Zara it's just for me, I can't do it," he replied in the voiceover from his breakup chat.

"You can do it, you can do it. You can! Please I don't want to throw this away. I genuinely believe with my whole heart we can get through this. I really do," Zara then replied, as Sam pretended to wail uncontrollably.

"When the Nando's family platter defeats you," Sam wrote. "If I can't laugh at my uncomfortable moments there's nothing left to do but cry".


As soon as Sam posted the vid, it received hundreds of comments in minutes, including from Zara herself, who wrote: "Oh golly," alongside a string of laughing emojis.

Taking to Twitter after he posted the TikTok, one fan wrote: "Cackling at Sam Thompson lip syncing to the audio of Zara crying after being baited of cheating whilst eating hot wings for a PAID insta post for Nando's ffs."

As another concurred: "Sam Thompson's latest Instagram is a creative piece of genius. WHEEZE".

"Not Sam Thompson making a TikTok with Zara's voice begging him in the background omg," a third penned.

Oh Sam, some people just don't get TikTok.

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Joanna Freedman
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