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Professor Green Welcomes Baby Boy With Partner Karima McAdams

Professor Green Welcomes Baby Boy With Partner Karima McAdams

The rapper is now a father - congratulations Professor Green and Karima!

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Professor Green has announced the birth of his first child!

The rapper's partner, Deep State actress Karima McAdams, has given birth to a little boy, with both proud parents sharing the news of his arrival on social media.

The pair told fans on Friday that their little one was born via caesarian last Monday, on March 15th, 11 days early.

They also announced his unusual name: Slimane Ray Manderson.

Alongside a picture of his newborn son clutching his finger, Pro Green - whose real name is Stephen Manderson - wrote: "I didn't wake up Monday morning expecting to meet you.

"In my mind we still had a couple of weeks to get everything ready, but you had other ideas."

Professor Green shared this sweet picture (

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Monster hitmaker added: "Privately we've endured what so many parents-to-be have. Your journey to us wasn't a straight line whatsoever, it was a rollercoaster right up to your arrival.

"I didn't allow myself to express my excitement as much as I'd have liked to, I wanted to freely shout about how excited I was about you joining us, but I was frightened. We had scare after scare during the worst of which, I said to your Mama 'if he does make it, he's grounded'."

He sweetly added: "Having met you, I'm sorry. It wasn't your fault and you're totally forgiven. You're far too perfect to be mad at."

He went on to reassure fans that all was well post birth. "Mama and baby are healthy, and I'm good too; I'm the happiest and most grateful for anything I've ever be," he said.

Gushing about his girlfriend, Stephen also wrote: "As mum's go, you've lucked out; you have the best example of what a brave, strong, passionate, loving, kind and both considered and considerate woman is.

Stephen and Karima announced they were expecting a baby in January (
Instagram/ Professor Green)

"One day I'll tell you about how amazing she's been throughout this whole process / ordeal and all the things she's soldiered on through, with all of the optimism required to see this through.

"All I've been able to do for Mama is be supportive, which despite my very best efforts still left me feeling a bit redundant at times and for good reason; I was! I couldn't for a second take on even a part of what she was going through physically, which was a lot.

"You'll be glad to know she doesn't feel as though she's sacrificed a thing, neither of us have. We both feel incredibly privileged you chose us."

Karima also posted her own announcement after her son's arrival, admitting that she didn't even realise she had gone into labour at first.

"Crazy to find out my thinking that 'it gets really tight when the baby moves' was actually my womb contracting and I'd already been in labour all weekend without realising (high pain threshold or stubborn as an ox?)," she wrote.

Karima shared this sweet picture on Instagram (
Instagram/ Karima McAdams)

Reflecting on the day she welcomed her son into the world, Karima went on: "Things started moving pretty fast and it felt as though absolutely nothing was in place, my elected obstetrician was on his day off, my surgeon sister on hers too, our house was being redecorated, there was no clean space for the baby to land, our hospital bag packed only the day before with items missing galore. . .

"Then there was vanity, hair: unwashed, clothes: worn for days, me: frazzled, all the while trying to tell every friend, midwife, doctor and surgeon I encountered that I could go home and come back on Friday the 26th as planned.

"'I'd just 'close my legs and it'll be fine' as unbeknownst to me contractions began to come in quicker succession.

"That faithful Monday morning we woke to 'the bloody show' (it's a cervix thing) and our good friends came to the rescue looking after all the things we left untied (you know who y'all are, so much love)."

In her post, Karima also spoke of how she felt like she was "missing out" on a natural birth when she opted for caesarian, but had to make the choice because of issues in her family with canal births.

The couple are now proud parents (
Instagram/ Karima McAdams)

However, she added that she got the "best of both" as she was already dilated 6cm by the time she was in hospital.

Addressing Stephen, she wrote: "If I write how I feel I'll probably make everyone puke, so I'll save that for you to read in a letter one day, but you are my heart. You're my best friend, you gave me my son and now I don't care about anything else".

She concluded: "The NHS was/ is the most incredible network of brilliant and kind human beings that relentlessly look after us no matter how annoying we can be in our many states.

"My love letter to them is almost impossible to write, I get too emotional thinking about what they do for us".

Professor Green and Karima announced they were expecting their first child in January, after keeping their pregnancy private at first.

The couple began dating in the summer of 2019.

Congrats to Stephen and Karima!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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