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Patsy Palmer Clears Up Reason Behind Good Morning Britain Exit

Patsy Palmer Clears Up Reason Behind Good Morning Britain Exit

The EastEnders veteran told fans to 'stop fighting' as she explained why she walked off the show.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Patsy Palmer has taken to social media to clear up exactly why she decided to leave her Good Morning Britain interview early, after noticing speculation from fans.

The EastEnders veteran-turned DJ had opted to walk off the ITV show on Wednesday, in the middle of an interview with Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, after she noticed her strap-line at the bottom of the screen read: 'Patsy Palmer: Addict to Wellness Guru'.

She had originally been booked on the show to discuss her healthy lifestyle, as well as the new life she had built in Malibu, California.

However, the 48-year-old was appalled to see that the show had highlighted her past issues with addiction, which she had not consented to discuss.

Patsy Palmer was left less than impressed with her strap-line (

Taking to social media, in a now deleted post, the actress addressed her fans, who were speculating there was more to why Patsy ended the chat.

"Everyone stop arguing on here I can clear up your arguments," she wrote. "You have five mins to talk about exactly what they promise to talk about [on the show].

"If you have to start explaining yourself about something that shouldn't be on there in the first place the interview is over! That's one point cleared up.

"Second there's no quote in any book that ever said 'addict to wellness guru' anywhere ever - that's that point cleared up.

"Third I wasn't on there to promote a book about anything. As human beings that are supposed to thrive and improve we should never be defined by our past not even by ourselves let alone anyone else."

Patsy is known for playing Bianca Jackson in EastEnders (

Patsy signed off: "Fourth don't fight each other, find each other and stand together to stop this from happening again and again.

"If you are fighting each other you are totally missing the point here."

Patsy has opened up about her past addiction battle, but understandably now wants to leave that chapter behind her.

In her autobiography All Of Me, she spoke about 'bingeing her life away' on cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol in her 20s.

However, she overcame this in 2004, using 12-step programme.

When Patsy had noticed the strap-line on Wednesday, she swiftly told the presenters: "You know what actually, I don't even want to do this interview".

"Because I don't even want to look at what it says at the bottom of that screen.

"So I'm just going to switch off, do a real Piers Morgan and just say, it's not okay to have "addict to wellness guru" at the bottom of the screen".

They both proceeded to apologise profusely, but Patsy wasn't having it, and closed her laptop.

Speaking after the interview, the former EastEnders actress had a pointed message for those who were critical of her decision to leave the interview.

"I keep seeing people saying 'get over yourself,'" she said. "I have gotten over my old self years ago and no longer wish to discuss it when I only have five minutes' air time."

She hinted she was left irritated by being asked Meghan and Harry's move to America, and whether she found the press in America less intrusive.

Patsy had intended to speak about her life in the States (

"You might see a lot of things in the tabloids that you think I say but I don't," Patsy continued. "I am not going to waste those precious five minutes talking about things that are 20 years old or about Megan and Harry.

"I have been a people pleaser my whole life. I'm not a journalist so I don't want to report on other people's lives on TV. I never have and never will, let's leave that up to the journalists.

Addressing the "trolls and haters" she signed off: "GO F**K YOURSELVES.

"I've worked hard on myself to remove negativity from my life and the lives of my children so if anyone has a problem with that you need to go at take a look at your lives and wonder what drives you to jump on here to attack me for standing my ground."

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