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Mrs Hinch Thanks Fans For Support After Feeling Like She's 'Failed' As Working Mum

Mrs Hinch Thanks Fans For Support After Feeling Like She's 'Failed' As Working Mum

Mrs Hinch told followers she was still trying to find the 'balance'.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Mrs Hinch got candid with fans in an emotional Instagram post on Tuesday, admitting she sometimes feels she's "failed" as a working mum.

The Queen of Clean - real name Sophie Hinchcliffe - took to social media this week to share an adorable video of her newborn son Lennie Alan James smiling on her Instagram story.

In the next post, she went on to admit that it wasn't easy finding a balance between her influencer career and her children, Ronnie, one, and one month old Lennie.

She wrote: "Thank you all for still being here. If I'm brutally honest I'm just trying to find my feet still and I'm really not there yet, I'm riddled with nerves, guilt, crazy after pains, the days are vanishing, I can't balance out a routine, and I feel I've failed a bit.

Mrs Hinch said she feels like she's failed (
Instagram/ Mrs Hinch Home)

"BUT all my boys are happy, healthy with full tummies and clean bums so that IS enough!"

Sophie, 31, shared a picture with her new arrival, Lennie in the honest post, and continued: "I wouldn't have this experience any other way, it is amazing, but I just think its important to share the reality behind a picture like this.

"Really miss joining in on here but I will be back. Lots and lots of love to every single one of you!"

The influencer has built her fanbase by being open and frank with her fans - alongside all her cleaning tips, of course.

After giving birth to Lennie she opened up about some of the difficulties she was facing, including a struggle to breastfeed because of a clogged milk duct.

Mrs Hinch welcomed little Lennie in May (
Instagram/ Mrs Hinch Home)

"I've spent every day feeding and being with my boys. I'm n day 8 of breastfeeding but I have blocked milk duct so I feel frustrated with myself," she told her followers a week after her son was born.

"So a quick reminder for us all that 'our best is enough and will ALWAYS be enough.'"

She also took to Instagram recently to share an insight into the moment she gave birth, admitting she "screamed the hospital down" but adding that she "would do it all again."

Despite the struggles, she's made no secret of the fact she's had a beautiful few weeks with her newest arrival.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Mrs Hinch

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