Cyrell Paule Accuses Jessika Power Of Mocking Mental Health

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Cyrell Paule Accuses Jessika Power Of Mocking Mental Health

**Warning - major Married At First Sight spoilers below!**

Married At First Sight Australia has got everybody in the UK talking at the moment, and it appears that even Down Under the drama hasn't stopped.

If you're up to date with the show so far, you'll know that Jessika Power and Cyrell Paule aren't exactly the best of friends.

They fell out half way through the series after Jessika spread a rumour about Cyrell's then-husband Nic Jovanovic, and things look likely to get worse in the coming episodes, given it has recently emerged that one massive row between the pair didn't even hit screens because it was so explosive.


So, it shouldn't be surprising that their bickering is continuing off camera.

Taking to Instagram yesterday, Cyrell shared a video on her Instagram, in which she claims influencer Jess is "making a mockery" of her mental health issues.

You can watch the clip here:



The clip shows season five alumni Sarah Roza and Ashley Irvin sitting in a car, with Jess, chatting about Cyrell.

The group are on the way to film the second part of the reunion, which just aired on Aussie TV, and can be seen discussing who might be in attendance.

Discussing Cyrell returning, Jess says: "I hope she fell over and broke her leg or something".

Reacting to the comment, Cyrell wrote: "WARNING DISTURBING CONTENT. Sooo wishing I fell and broke my leg....


"Then we had I think her name is Ashley (I wouldn't know. Was she even at the reunion???) and Jess making a mockery of mental health! And how I should be admitted (sic).

"In this day and age. Mental health is not a joke. And if I were a person who was not as strong and allowed this to get to me.

Nic and Cyrell were married on the show (Credit: Nine Network)
Nic and Cyrell were married on the show (Credit: Nine Network)

"I probably would have committed suicide or inflicted self harm from this BULLYING! It was Crocodile tears..."


In the clip, after Jessika's comment about Cyrell breaking a leg, Sarah responds: "No, nobody wishes anybody bad."

However, the pair in the back seat then take the comments to another level, with season five's Ashley adding: "Cyrell has been hospitalised, institutionalised..."

"For mental!", Jessica chips in.

The group then go on to discuss Cyrell in more detail, and slamming her for the way she talks to people.


"You don't have to drive the karma bus, man," Sarah signed off before sharing the video on her page.

As she shared the video, Cyrell added: "For those that believe that Jess was capable of change. This was filmed on the day of the reunion ... I don't find this funny at all.

Cyrell and Jessika fell out ahead of the reunion (Credit: Instagram/ Jessica Power/ Channel Nine)
Cyrell and Jessika fell out ahead of the reunion (Credit: Instagram/ Jessica Power/ Channel Nine)

"And these ladies should apologise for their inappropriate remarks. And to even post it on their Instagram.

"Shame on the three of you. For anyone dealing with any mental health issues. Don't let this video get to you. Seek help. You are not alone. #mentalhealthawareness #youarenotalone".

Since Cyrell shared the video, Jessika has spoken out to clarify that she is a "massive advocate for mental health".

"The comments that were made in the back of that car were because Cyrell tried to follow me around five times at the reunion last night," she said, conceding that her jibe was certainly "a bitchy thing to say"

"I apologise, I would never mock mental health," she concluded.

Tyla has contacted Jess's rep for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel Nine

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