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Lucy Mecklenburgh Says She Gets 'Looks Of Disgust' For Breastfeeding In Public

Lucy Mecklenburgh Says She Gets 'Looks Of Disgust' For Breastfeeding In Public

The former TOWIE star slammed people who criticise mothers for breastfeeding in public.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Lucy Mecklenburgh has revealed she gets "looks of disgust" when breastfeeding her son Roman in public.

The new mum and former Only Way Is Essex star opened up on Instagram alongside a picture of herself breastfeeding her and Ryan Thomas' seven-month-old son.

"I've been getting a few looks lately while breastfeeding in public. Hearing comments like 'why wouldn't she use a Muslin' or an awkward glance of disgust," she wrote.

"I think maybe as roman is quite big for his age wearing size 9-12month clothes some people think it's unnecessary to breastfeed a baby of that age."

Lucy said she wouldn't be ashamed of breastfeeding without a muslin (
Instagram/ Lucy Mecklenburgh)

After listing all the NHS verified health benefits of breastfeeding, she added: "I will not cover Roman with a Muslin the same as u won't eat your pizza with a blanket over your head.

"I will not hide away or be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed for feeding my baby. #breastfeeding #breastfeeding7months #breastfeedingsupport #normalisebreastfeeding".

Taking to the comments, Lucy's celebs pals and her fans were quick to praise her for speaking up on the issue.

Mum-of-two Myleene Klass wrote: "I've never covered my baby's head! I'm with you mama."

Meanwhile, Rochelle Humes, who has three children, agreed: "Say it louder for the people at the back."

Pregnant Ashley James penned: "Super mamma".

Along the positive comments, poor Lucy also got some hate, too.

"I do not understand how people think it's normal to do that in public," one troll wrote, before continuing with a barrage of hate.

Sharing the comment on her Insta' story with her 1.7 million followers, Lucy once again expertly debunked the criticism.

Lucy hit back at one troll on her Insta' stories (
Instagram/ Lucy Mecklenburgh)

"I hate highlighting the few negative comments when there's been thousands of positive ones BUT can we take a moment for this complete IDIOT!," she wrote.

"What should woman do then!? Breast feed in a toilet, in a dark alley, in a car, in a changing room? Or just stay at home for months, even years feeding their child in private?"

Well said, Lucy. We think you should breastfeed wherever you damn please.

If anyone deserves a look of disgust it's the people judging you...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Lucy Mecklenburgh

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