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Katie Piper Slams Troll Calling Her 'Ugly And Repulsive'

Katie Piper Slams Troll Calling Her 'Ugly And Repulsive'

Activist Katie Piper shared a picture of the vicious trolling she was subjected to in order to remind fans 'more work needs to be done'.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Katie Piper has shared a picture of a vile message from a troll calling her "repulsive" and ugly following her recent eye operation.

The TV star activist, who was subject to a horrific acid attack at the hands of an ex boyfriend and an accomplice 12 years ago, is currently recovering from a skin graft and an eye operation - two of nearly 400 procedures she's undergone since the incident.

But as she took to Instagram to speak to her fans, one online bully messaged: "You're the most repulsive and ugliest thing I've ever seen why even bother with make-up."

Katie Piper is shared the vile messages she received (
Instagram/ Katie Piper)

Sharing the disgusting post on her Instagram Stories with her 980k followers Katie wrote: "I've posted this message from my inbox to show you all the work and conversations around diversity and inclusion, the everyday reality for anyone who is in the minority category...

"The everyday existence is very different to the positivity campaigns. More work needs to be done."

Katie is blind in one eye, but the recent operation on her right eye was conducted in order to stop her eyesight from deteriorating.

The operation was to save Katie's right eye (
Instagram/ Katie Piper)

Sharing a comment with Mail Online after the op, her representative said: "Katie is nearing her 400th operation now but she is being as brave as ever whilst in hospital for her current procedure.

"The eye is healing well, and Katie remains positive about the future and cannot thank the incredible eye surgeon and team enough for their work for their ongoing restoration and preservation of her sight in her 'good eye'.

"The operation was a skin graft to her upper eyelid using skin from her left arm. She is currently resting to minimise the threat of infection and to ensure a quick recovery. Katie thanks everyone for their care and warm wishes."

Katie is currently recovering from an eye operation (
Instagram/ Katie Piper)

The attack was organised by her Katie's ex Daniel Lynch and carried out by Stefan Sylvestre back in 2008.

Daniel was handed two life terms behind bars, while Stefan served six years before his 2018 release.

He was then re-admitted last November before being released again in June of this year.

Honestly, we don't know how people can be so cruel...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Katie Piper

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