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Dani Dyer Felt 'Like A Failure' After Delivering Santiago By Emergency C-Section

Dani Dyer Felt 'Like A Failure' After Delivering Santiago By Emergency C-Section

'I started feeling like a failure, it’s ridiculous'

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Love Island's Dani Dyer has disclosed details of her son Santiago's birth, revealing she was forced to have a c-section after her son's umbilical chord became wrapped around him.

Speaking on to her dad Danny Dyer on their podcast Sorted With The Dyers, the reality star, 24, explained: "I had to have a caesarean in the end and I was crying about that, because I never planned that. I never wanted a c-section.

"The baby didn't want to come out basically, he didn't fancy it."

Admitting that she felt like a "failure" for not being able to give birth naturally, she added: "I know they're very common and I know they happen but I never wanted that, it was never in my birth plan.

"So I started feeling like a failure, it's ridiculous."

Dani Dyer's baby had his umbilical chord wrapped around him (
Instagram/ Dani Dyer)

Dani recalled that when her waters broke, she was only one centimetre dilated, and after some failed attempts to get her to 10 centimetres, they decided a c-section was the only option.

"It was an emotional day," she confessed. "The reason the baby wouldn't come out is because the umbilical chord was wrapped round him, so every time I was pushing it was popping back up again, so it's a miracle [they did the c-section].

"I was scary, you're paralysed, I could not feel anything. It was scary for me.

"All of a sudden, they unwrapped the chord and he was just screaming. It was like Simba in the Lion King."

Dani Dyer welcomed her baby via a c-section (
Dani Dyer/ Instagram)

The new mum continued: "The recovery is hard, Sammy really has seen everything. He was brilliant, I needed someone to laugh with."

Assuring other mothers that a c-section was nothing to worry about, she added: "I do not want women to worry about c-sections, don't feel guilty about it, that was my problem."

Dani's dad then intervened: "The way you dealt with did it the hardest way you possibly could. We're just so proud of you babe.

"When he arrived, I was in f*cking bits," the proud granddad added. "It's just a rush of emotion. I was buzzing, jumping around. It was such a mad moment.

"We had a few glasses [of Prosecco]."

During the candid chat with her dad, Dani also opened up about her first week of motherhood, admitting that they "baby blues" were really affecting her.

"People need to talk about this more," she said. "It's been hard, the baby blues are real. It is incredible; your body goes through so much.

"You just want to cry, I'd look at him and cry, I think because you're constantly thinking 'am I doing enough?'

"I've started breastfeeding and it's hard, it's difficult. You want to do everything right and I think that's why you cry."

Dani announced she was expecting her first child back in July last year. It came not long after she and Sammy - who are now engaged - got back together following a short split.

We're so happy for this glowing new mum!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ Dani Dyer

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