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Chris Hughes Defends Ex Jesy Nelson After Katie Hopkins Lashes Out

Chris Hughes Defends Ex Jesy Nelson After Katie Hopkins Lashes Out

Chris called his ex Jesy 'beautiful' as he rushed to her defence.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Chris Hughes has jumped to his ex Jesy Nelson's defence after Katie Hopkins came for her with a scathing Instagram post.

The full-time social media troll, 45 ripped into Jesy, 28, for being "insincere" and "desperate" yesterday, cruelly suggesting her the stunning snaps of herself she was posting were evidence she needed "validating daily".

And while Little Mix fans instantly rushed to fight poor Jesy's corner, now, her ex Chris has spoken out too.

Slamming Katie on Twitter and branding her a "b*tch," Chris sung of his ex's "beauty" and "strength".

Chris and Jesy dated for 16 months (

The 27-year-old Love Island star wrote: "How about don't be a b*tch your whole life and let that person live. You tried it once years back, and it affected her mentally, just don't be that ars*hole.

"She has strength, she has beauty, and she has a heart that only you could dream of having".

Chris rushed to Jesy's defence (
Twitter/ Chris Hughes)

It comes after Katie had screen-shotted two of Jesy's Instagram posts, and written: "These desperate daily pics are showing that contrivance of a documentary to be darn insincere.

"Girls. Be better than this. Beauty is in strength, not weakness that needs validating daily".

Katie Hopkins targeted Jesy on Twitter (
Twitter/ Katie Hopkins)

Wow. Talk about a low blow.

The comments are even more vile considering the fact that Katie was directly name-checked in Jesy's BBC documentary Odd One Out, where she talks about the impacts of online bullying, and how it even led to her attempting suicide.

In one scene of the documentary, Jesy revisits a series of hurtful tweets, including one sent by Katie following a Little Mix performance on The X Factor.

Katie Hopkins has targeted Little Mix since they first rose to fame (
Twitter/ Katie Hopkins)

"Packet Mix have still got a chubbier in their ranks. Less Little Mix. More Pick n Mix," she tweeted at the time.

But those words are said to have send Jesy on a downwards spiral.

"All I remember feeling at that time is what's the f***ing point," said Jesy. "I've starved myself for a week and I'm still getting called fat. I could be the skinniest girl in the world and this is never going to go away.

Katie's words sent Jesy on a downwards spiral when she was on X Factor (

"That is the pinnacle point for me when I got severely depressed".

Chris' tweet comes despite the fact that he and Jesy called time on their relationship two weeks ago.

The pair are said to have mutually agreed the relationship had "run its course," but remain good friends.

Amid all the uproar, Jesy remained mostly silent.

But she took the opportunity to post another selfie yesterday afternoon.

Posing in a crop top and cargo trousers, she captioned the snap: "Have another one hun," alongside a winky face.

Hmm, we wonder who that could be aimed at?!

Featured Image Credit: PA

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