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Charlotte Dawson Praised For Candid Breast Pumping Snap

Charlotte Dawson Praised For Candid Breast Pumping Snap

Charlotte welcomed little Noah earlier this year.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Charlotte Dawson has been praised by fellow mums for sharing her breast pumping journey on Instagram.

Posting about her new breast pump, Charlotte explained she had been using a pump from Baby-Central UK, after followers had been flooding her DMs with questions about which products she uses.

Charlotte was praised for 'normalising feeding' (
Instagram/Charlotte Dawson)

"You all ask what I use to pump & this is what I've been using.. I can't recommend it enough my darlings, I love the way you can just get on with what you are doing while still pumping! Multi tasking chuffin mama right here... filming, pumping & breastfeeding... never thought I'd see the day!!!" She wrote.

"It's also so quiet and small enough for me to pack it in my bag when we are off out (when we're allowed) with my little cherub."

And other mums couldn't stop praising the reality star for "normalising feeding", with one commenting: "Thank you for normalising feeding! So glam girl! Love it."

While another said: "You are amazing charlotte!"

Charlotte welcomed Noah earlier this year (
Charlotte Dawson/Instagram)

Since Charlotte welcomed baby Noah earlier this year, she has been praised for sharing the realities and challenges of being a new mum.

Earlier this month, she shared a video on Instagram of her dancing in the shower, just weeks after giving birth. She captioned it: "How I entertain myself with my 7 week post patrum bodehhhh."

You can watch the clip below:

Meanwhile, posting a selfie five weeks after birth, Charlotte said: "Mum lyf... deffo not Milf lyf... even tho I can't be a***d washing my hair doing my makeup be productive I'm leaking from my udders I live in me Bridget knickers cba to start exercising I love being your mummy so much... you make my life brighter.

"I'm loving my tiger stripes because they gave me you... Your my bestest my shadow my cherub stuck to my udders ... 5 weeks tomozza & your going through a growth spurt atm I just wanna cuddle you all day long n do nothing else that's what I'm doing."

Charlotte has been praised for keeping it real (
Charlotte Dawson/Instagram)

And fans loved Charlotte's realness, with one writing: "Love this! Making the postpartum mum tum more normal!"

Meanwhile, another said: "So refreshing to see a post like this, keeping it real mama and still looking fab."

And one added: "It's so nice to see this. I've not long had my 4th and I feel so disgusting especially my stomach I hate it to the point it makes me cry and I don't know if it's to do with breastfeeding but I can't stop eating. And then to see this picture honestly it does me the world of good. Thank you for being real thank you for showing not just insta perfect photos."

A fourth wrote: "I love this so inspiring and real this is exactly what it's like after having a baby & it's so nice to see you sharing real mum life !!! You look amazing as always."

Charlotte welcomed baby Noah in January with fiancé Matt Sarsfield. The fact Noah is an Aquarius star sign, like his grandfather - Charlotte's dad, legendary comedian Les Dawson - is something the reality star says is "really special" to her.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Charlotte Dawson

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