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Mrs Hinch Reveals She Had To Call Police After Constant Vile Trolling Of Her And Her Baby

Mrs Hinch Reveals She Had To Call Police After Constant Vile Trolling Of Her And Her Baby

When will the bullying end?

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

Naomi Chadderton (FL)

If you remember last September we reported on the horrible news that Mrs Hinch admitted to suffering from panic attacks after online bullies were not only verbally attacking her, but also her three-month old baby. Taking to her personal profile, the Instagram celeb - whose real name is Sophie Hinchcliffe - broke down in tears as she revealed one bully had sent her messages branding her son Ronnie "ugly as f*ck".

Sadly it turns out her vile trolls are still out in full force, and things have got so bad that the 30-year-old has resorted to calling the police after fearing for the safety of both her and her family.

Trolls are constantly attacking Mrs Hinch (
Instagram / Mrs Hinch Home)

Speaking to Daily Mail's You Magazine, the cleaning influencer said: "They message saying, 'Your baby should be moving more, he should have more teeth.' They're even horrible about my dog! It turns my gut and takes my breath away; it makes me want to scream and cry.

"I know I should ignore them, but when you get told the same thing over and over again - 'Your voice is horrendous', 'Your face is wonky', 'Your hands are disgusting' - there's only so many times you can ignore it without wondering if it's true.

"So I look at my hands and think, 'Maybe people don't want to see them,' and put on rubber gloves when I don't need to."

It doesn't stop there though, with Sophie also receiving numerous threatening messages, meaning she has had to get the police involved so that she feels safe.

Previously, the home-cleaning sensation has quite understandably been baffled by the comments, explaining: "I don't know what I've done so wrong to get stuff like that. I clean my house and no one else's. I earn some money from my Instagram.

"I buy cleaning products, I clean. I'm not hurting anyone. No one deserves stuff like that. It's just an innocent little baby, my little boy. I don't know how people like that sleep, guys, I don't."

Thankfully Mrs Hinch is now finding ways to cope with her anxiety, saying: "I make sure to do my gratitude check-ins a lot. I remind myself of the amazing things to set me back on the right track."

But that doesn't mean she finds it easy.

Sophie admitted: "Now everything I do gets put under a microscope and is open to scrutiny. It's overwhelming. I'm a normal person, who was leading a boring life which I loved.

"A friend who lives a similar life to me said as much as you love the opportunities your new life brings, you can't help but feel sad about the life you've left behind.

"Even if I was to come away from Instagram tomorrow, I'd never get my old life back and that can feel like a grieving process."

Poor Sophie. Enough is enough people - remember, if you can't say anything nice...

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Mrs Hinch

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