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Dogs At Polling Stations Are Back And Here Are The Best Pictures

Dogs At Polling Stations Are Back And Here Are The Best Pictures

The cutest and funniest canines outside your local polling station

Laura Sanders

Laura Sanders

Local elections take place across the UK today and many people (and canines) are voting in person at their nearest polling station.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, voters are being asked to take along their own pencils and to wear a mask. They might also have their temperatures checked at the door.

But enough of that. What we're really interested in is the dogs at polling stations, so we've rounded up some of the best photos on Twitter to put a smile on your face.

Before we move onto those, we should mention that the Dog's Trust advises against owners leaving their dogs unattended outside a polling station because they could be stolen.

"Many polling stations will allow dogs inside. But if you're not sure yours does, take a voting buddy or leave your dog at home. Please don't leave your dog tied up outside, or in your car. #DogsAtPollingStations"

But they didn't say don't do it at all. Here's the Dog's Trust's very own Max to show you how it's done.

It looks like a doggy creche in Dulwich Village in London today. "Fantastic turnout in Dulwich Village!" tweeted one of the owners.

If only we were all as happy as Ozzy outside his polling station. One user commented "can we vote Ozzy instead?" He's certainly got the charisma!

Although, Larry the Cat said he's not sitting outside a polling station like a "dumb mutt" - put the claws away Larry!

This Border Terrier was the first furry arrival at his local polling station in Scotland this morning. We love his neckerchief!

For some, it's their first time voting at a polling station as a dog owner. Proud moment shared by this user with this handsome fella!

Rhubarb the cockapoo is looking adorable outside their polling station this morning.

Polling station or not, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Perhaps this dog should have been at the "Pooping Station" instead..

Pippa looks very proud to be at her first polling station.

"Tobin can't vote because he's American," says his owner, "but he still believes in the importance of the democratic process." Gorgeous boy

And of course, one of Tyla's own staff dogs made it out to the polling station too.

Let us know if you've seen a cute photo of dogs at polling stations. But most importantly, remember to actually go in and vote after all of the cute doggy distractions.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@laurathejourno/@hellosocialLdn

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