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Zara Shoppers Are Just Finding Out How To Use The Website

Zara Shoppers Are Just Finding Out How To Use The Website

Mind = blown.

We love Zara – the high-street fashion brand that’s as famous for its fits as it is for its weird, off-the-wall photoshoots.

But as much as we enjoy browsing the racks in store, Zara’s website is a different kettle of fish; the items on offer seem to be laid out almost at random, which makes it impossible to navigate.

Well, according to this TikTok user, we’ve actually all been using the website incorrectly.

Watch the video below...

TikTok user @Livx0xo took to the video sharing platform to reveal a sneaky “hack” to make the Zara website more user friendly.

“Not me literally only figuring the Zara website right now,” she wrote, before showing footage of her scrolling through the website.

She then goes to the ‘View’ bar in the top right-hand corner of the website and adjusting the barometer, which instantly changes the layout of the website to a grid format (and makes it so much more search friendly).

This 'tool' makes the Zara website more user friendly (
TikTok - livx0xo)

Liv captioned the photo: “Am I the only one who didn’t know this?” and it turns out, she most certainly was not.

“Omg… I literally never shopped or ordered online cause I didn’t understand how to use the website,” one person commented, where Liv responded: “I feel you, I would give up and exit my tabs 50 per cent of the time.”

Another raged: “Nah, because why does Zara’s website act more like a magazine and less like a clothing brand?”

“OMG NO. There’s no way it’s this simple!” gasped a third stunned viewer.

Outfits are now laid out like a grid (
TikTok - livx0xo)

“Thank you!” said a fourth. “Literally why I never use the website.”

And a fifth agreed: “That website would lowkey give me a headache.”

Others were so grateful for Liv’s discovery they hailed her as a “hero”.

“Thanks for saving my life,” said one fan, while another gushed: “I hope both sides of your pillow are cold tonight, bestie.”

Good news for Christmas shopping…bad news for our wallets…

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - livx0xo

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