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You Can Hire A Bridesmaid To Sort Out All The Admin Stuff On The Big Day

You Can Hire A Bridesmaid To Sort Out All The Admin Stuff On The Big Day

They offer all kind of professional bridesmaid services.

As beautiful as a wedding can be, it can also be just as stressful.

Even if you’ve planned it all perfectly beforehand, little things on the big day, such as ushering people to their seats and beckoning the right people for the wedding photos, can make the calmest of us a Bridezilla.

But this company allows you to hire a bridesmaid so that you can relax about all those details of the day, and not have your friends and family rush around to sort them out.

These Professional Bridesmaids will help your day run smoothly (
Kerstyn Walsh)

Hire A Bridesmaid offers professional bridesmaid services for those that want some help with their wedding planning, coordinating the day itself, acting as a Master of the Ceremony, or just being an extra pair of hands on the big day.

Kerstyn Walsh, Director and “Professional Bestie” of Hire A Bridesmaid, leads a team including a marketing guru, an assistant and three wedding planners/coordinators/bridesmaids.

Kerstyn spoke to Tyla about how she got into the business totally by accident: “I was a real estate agent, and I'd been in the industry since I left school (about seven and a half years!). After a life-changing trip overseas, I returned to work and my heart wasn't in it anymore," she explained.

She then left her job and went straight into finding work in acting, which she had enjoyed in her childhood and teen years. “A few months later, a friend of mine asked me to be the MC (master of ceremonies) for their wedding reception and I jumped at the chance!" she said.

Kerstyn Walsh got into the business totally by accident (
Hire A Bridesmaid)

“Around the same time, a friend of a friend asked me to MC their wedding reception, too, and when the day came around, I saw her running around, fixing table settings and placing DIY items, and talking to the florist and answering the phone, and I had an epiphany! No bride should have all these tasks to do on their wedding day! They (and their wedding party and family) should just be relaxing and enjoying the day.

“And so I started Hire a Bridesmaid the next day! The business was originally supposed to be just a cool name for a "bride's assistant" or on-the-day coordinator, but of course; you put that out there on the internet and someone's bound to find it! And sure enough, the next year I was hired as a bridesmaid for the first time!”

These bridesmaids can blend completely into your bridal party (
Kerstyn Walsh)

Kerstyn explains her favourite parts of the job being seeing the lovebirds get married on the day.

“That moment when all the planning, organising, time, money and energy they've exerted makes sense, and they're saying their I dos and partying all night. It's such a pleasure and really an honour to be part of someone's wedding day, and the services we offer mean that there is a genuine relationship formed between us and our clients," she said. :It's such a great feeling!”

A particular stand-out moment for Kerstyn was one of her friend’s weddings that Hire A Bridesmaid coordinated: “it was a festival-style wedding on a big property (a "wed-stival" if you will), where we had a ton of DIY items to unpack and place around the property," she explained. "We also had an Airstream caravan bar arriving, a paella station, a jumping castle and sumo-wrestling installation, and outdoor low-lying tables that were named after real-life festivals my friends had been to. I've never worked so hard in my life, but it was worth it to see them stress-free on the day.”

So, if you or a loved one have their big day coming up, maybe consider letting someone else handle stress.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels/Los Muertos Crew

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