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People Are Sharing The Worst Christmas Presents They've Ever Got

People Are Sharing The Worst Christmas Presents They've Ever Got

And we thought socks from grandma were bad…

Yes, it’s Christmas, and yes we’re all for showing good will to all men – but we’re not going to lie, some of the things we got on 25th December were a bit crap.

We’re thanking the lord for gift receipts, so we can take back some of our less desirable objects and swap them for something new in the sales (not that we’re ungrateful, or anything).

Did you get the pressies you wanted? (

But it appears we’re not alone when it comes to our Christmas hauls this year, with people taking to Reddit to share their more disappointing gifts.

Posting on the r/CasualUK thread, one Redditor going by the username BatmansLongjohns complained about a chilli sauce from B&M he always receives from his family, prompting him to ask others what “s**t” Christmas gifts they received.

And we thought socks from grandma were bad…

“I got a coupon for lip injections,” one person wrote irritably. “Never expressed a desire to have it done.”

One person got a blender for Christmas - that they already had (

“My mum got me a blender. I’m 17,” said another. “We had an identical blender up until a few months ago, when she threw it out because I was making too many smoothies.”

A third person shared the most ‘Mum’ present we’ve ever heard: “My mum got me a Call of Duty tracksuit... I’m 27,” they moaned. “It just has Call of Duty all over it. I made her return it today lol.”

A fourth person shared their particularly p*ss poor gift: “Made the mistake of telling my mum ‘I'll have anything,’” they explained. “She got me a toilet seat. I still live with her and dont have my own toilet.”

Another person got a toilet seat (

While another person’s gift has the familiar air of totally clutching at straws.

“I got a sink plunger from JML,” they said.

But nothing could be worse than this person, who said: “I got nothing.”


Never mind about our presents, it’s the thought that counts, after all.

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