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Woman Mortified As Husband Says She Can't Pick Up Uber Eats Delivery Because She's 'Having A Poo'

Woman Mortified As Husband Says She Can't Pick Up Uber Eats Delivery Because She's 'Having A Poo'

Yasmin Hadfield was mortified when her husband played a prank on her after she ordered an Uber Eats.

A woman was left red faced when her husband told the Uber Eats driver she couldn’t come to the door - because she was having a POO.

Yasmin Hadfield, 28, was doing some washing and didn’t hear him come to their front door with her Starbucks.

So, her hubby, Lee, took the opportunity to play a prank on her.

When Lee got a notification on his mobile, informing him that the Uber driver was trying to deliver her food, he thought it would be funny to intervene.

Opening the door, he told the man to leave the grub on the doorstep because she was... err... occupied on the toilet.

Watch the video below:


Mother-of-one Yasmin was left perplexed with the driver looking at her weirdly when she came to the door to thank him just before he left.

She was then horrified to learn was ex-Para sniper Lee had told him for a laugh.

Yasmin recalled: “We have a young baby so rather than it ringing out loud when people are at the door, Lee gets a phone notification on the Ring app. 

“I had ordered myself a Starbucks with Uber Eats. The Uber driver rang the doorbell and my husband who was at work got a notification.

“Knowing I couldn’t hear the driver, Lee proceeded to then tell him in his dark sense of Welsh humour I was having a s**t! 

“I then came to the door after doing the washing looking very sweaty not knowing what Lee had said.

“When I watched the video back it made so much sense why the drive looked at me and couldn’t stop nervously laughing.”

The delivery man looked awkward af (
Triangle News)

The hilarious moment was captured on the pair's doorbell camera, and has now gone viral, after Yasmin saw the funny side of it and posted it on TikTok.

It has racked up 2.1million views and has got a quarter of a million likes.

In the hilarious 20-second clip - which she captioned ‘My husband answers the doorbell in work.’

Lee, 45 - who now owns a tattoo shop - said to the driver as he arrived at their house in Llanelli, south Wales: “Hiya mate you okay.”

The man replied: “I’ve got a Uber Eats.”

Prankster Lee then said: “Yeah just leave it on the floor there mate. I think she’s having a s**t.”

The puzzled delivery man sees the funny side of it and laughs before saying: “Not a problem.”

Lee couldn't help but pull the prank on hi wife (
Triangle News)

Yasmin - married to Lee for four years - eventually saw the funny side of it and said today/yesterday (Weds): “I was devastated when I first found out.

”I came to the door in a rush thanking him, not knowing Lee had said that.”

“But my embarrassment has made so many people laugh.

“It’s so funny.”

Responding to the video, one person wrote: "This made his day though".

While another penned: "Absolutely brilliant. Has to be the best video I have seen.”

“The delivery man sounds Welsh and this makes it 10 times funnier with the laugh," quipped a third.

Thanks for the laugh, Lee. We'll be watching this all day on repeat.

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News

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