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People Are Defending This Woman's NSFW Church Outfit

People Are Defending This Woman's NSFW Church Outfit

Get your minds out the gutter...

A woman's church outfit has left people a little baffled and extremely bemused after it was shared on social media.

Sharing a snap on Twitter, one person wrote: "When you let your grandma wear her favorite shirt to church (sic)".

In the image, an older lady could be seen wearing a pink shawl with what looked like green phalluses dotted all over it.

"He is risen indeed," joked one person as the image went viral.

While another penned: "No mistaking it. those are penises".


A third wrote: "Macy's has stepped its game up. Gammy turning heads for sure."

"Are those… d*cks?," penned somebody else, as a fifth joked: "I can't wait to get old so I can wear obscene things, pretending I don't know what they are".

Taking sympathy on the woman in question, others suggested the green objects might be something else rather more innocent - or at least the grandmother might have mistakenly thought they were...

"Maybe they're flowers,? Mushrooms? Stalagtites??," pleaded one.

As another said: "What can I say, Grandma loves Green Sticks".

Some suggested the woman's eyesight might be the issue...


"Her vision must be trash. Either that or she’s the coolest goddamn grandma who ever lived," commented a third.

Lets give granny the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

Talking of accidentally x-rated statements, did you see Costa's recent blunder?

In a Costa Coffee Facebook post by the Dunmail Park branch in Workington, Cumbria, the chain urged customers to take part in a competition to win prizes.

The only thing customers had to do to be in with a chance of winning was flick a coffee bean into a coffee cup.

Customers noticed the double entendre (

The unintentionally risqué Facebook post used the phrase 'flick the bean', which - in case you weren't aware - has connotations with female masterbation.

The full Dunmail Park Facebook post read: "FRESHERS! Fuel your early morning lectures OR the start of your wild nights out with a discounted or even a FREE Costa treat!

"Get lucky when you flick the coffee bean into one of the Costa cups to reveal a surprise deal.

"Play 'FLICK THE BEAN' here!"

Oooh errr...

As it picked up traction online, a Costa Coffee spokesman said the campaign had been taken down, adding: "This competition was run by one of our franchise partners in a small number of stores and was not approved by Costa Coffee.

"We apologise for any offence caused and have requested the immediate removal of the competition."

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ Unsplash

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