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Woman Claims She Ordered "Fabulous" 6ft Christmas Tree But Received Just A Branch

Woman Claims She Ordered "Fabulous" 6ft Christmas Tree But Received Just A Branch

The tree was advertised as 'self-growing' on social media.

A woman has told how she received a dubious-looking "branch" after ordering what she thought would be a "fabulous" light-up Christmas tree online.

Mum-of-two Paulette Alexander forked out £30 after seeing a social media advert from online homeware and fashion store Uakie. The tree was advertised as 'self-growing' and installed with lights.

However, the Dorset-based carer got a shock when she opened the package up to find a single branch inside.

Paulette was expecting a grand tree with all the trimmings. [
Deadline News]

The mum was impressed by the stunning social media clip, which showed a woman setting up her Christmas tree solo, using just a remote control.

Uakie's alleged product was supposed to grow up to six-foot-tall with minimum effort required. The tree looked as if it had lights pre-installed and could change at the click of a button.

Just a "five minute" set-up process could land you with a grand-looking Christmas tree without any added festive faff.

Paulette wasn't happy. [
Deadline News]

Paulette was so enthralled by the idea that she clicked straight on the link and purchased a tree from the retailer. She specifically selected the six-foot version - but it definitely didn't look like the advert in reality.

"I couldn't stop laughing", she said. "They must've taken a twig off the tree and thought I would be happy". Just a single branch in a clear plastic bag had been delivered.

Explaining what the payment process was like, the grandma said: "it said that it comes from America but after payment and email you then check and it comes up with China.

The 'fabulous' tree turned out to be a branch. [
Deadline News]

The money came straight out of my account and gave me a tracking number. It turns out it might not have even been the right tracking number.

Hermes claimed that had delivered the tree but I never got it".

Paulette was disappointed, after expecting a "fabulous remote control Christmas tree with lights".

Uakie have yet to issue Paulette a full refund.

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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