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Woman Claims She 'Manifested Her Dream Boyfriend' In Two Weeks

Woman Claims She 'Manifested Her Dream Boyfriend' In Two Weeks

Take notes, everyone!

London woman Summer Fox became a TikTok sensation overnight when she manifested the boyfriend of her dreams, and now followers are desperate for updates on her whirlwind romance.

TikTok users have been able to follow along with Summer's story from the very beginning as she documents every twist and turn on the app, and many claim it's like watching a film in real-time.

The 24-year-old had always been relatively active on social media, but people started tuning in in their thousands just last month, when on her way to a first date after being fired from her job.

Documenting her tube journey to Winter Wonderland in London's Hyde Park, Summer told her TikTok followers that she was about to meet "a fit Canadian boy from Hinge."

Half-joking at the time, Summer shared that now would be the perfect time to fall in love and move away to Canada, with no more work commitments tying her to her life in London.

3.1 million views later, people were invested, and desperate to know how Summer's spontaneous date had gone.

Almost as if it was written in the stars, Summer felt a serious connection with Matt (the fit Canadian boy), and he felt the same way.

Summer has gone viral on TikTok with her story. (
Instagram/Summer Fox)

With only four days before Matt flew back home to Canada, the pair spent every waking moment together, bringing their TikTok audience along for the ride.

"I really enjoy it. I feel like I've got all these new friends that care about me all of a sudden, so it's fun," Summer tells Tyla.

"I feel like it's all happened at the right time. Obviously, I got the sack and it was almost like magic. I said to the universe: 'I don't care whatever happens', and then the next day I went on the date."

With 10k Instagram followers and 72k TikTok followers, Summer's story has been shared all over the world, with more and more people tuning in every day to see where she goes next.

Summer and Matt have been documenting their time together ever since their first date. (
TikTok/Summer Fox)

She continues: "I didn't expect that to blow up. But when I was actually on the date in Winter Wonderland, I looked at my phone and it was at millions and millions of views and thousands of comments. The magic of it is they can all see it unfolding in chronological order, so I think that's why people are invested in it."

Summer has always been quite open about her spirituality online, and insists to followers that she manifested her chance encounter with her dream boy - with the evidence to back it up.

She tells Tyla that she has been manifesting in her journal for the last three years, listing out exactly what she wants.

A few days after her romance with Matt took off on TikTok, Summer came back with a excerpt from her journal to prove that she had received everything she asked for:

And what does Matt think of their viral love story?

According to Summer, he's totally on-board. Well, she did say he was her dream boy, didn't she?

"Usually boys would probably be freaked out, wouldn't they? But I think there's something about Canadians and Americans," she continues.

In fact, their newfound fame has inspired Matt to make a TikTok account of his own, and has been telling his side of the story too.

Summer laughed: "When I explain the story it's always with a hint of British humour or sarcasm, but when he does it it's like a movie."

Here's what Matt had to say:

So what's next for the star-crossed lovers?

Unfortunately, Matt is currently back in Canada, and while many followers had hoped that Summer would follow him over there, she informed them that between border control and her current financial situation, it was a no-go.

But, fear not, for romance is not dead.

The couple thrilled viewers when they announced that they had instead booked two tickets to Thailand in January, and planned on traveling Asia together.

"For the last two weeks we've been texting and Facetime every day and we've just booked our flights to Thailand for the first week in January. It's just a one-way ticket," says Summer.

"It could go wrong, I've thought of all the possibilities. Say if we fall out, we'll have to go our separate ways, but hopefully that doesn't happen!"

You can keep up to date with Summer's story on TikTok, and she promises to document her new year travels on YouTube too.

We will be watching.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TikTok - Summer Fox

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