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Woman Buys 'Little Trinket' From Charity Shop And Is Horrified By What She Finds Inside

Woman Buys 'Little Trinket' From Charity Shop And Is Horrified By What She Finds Inside

Nope, nope, nope.

One woman was horrified to learn what was hidden inside a funny "little trinket" that she had picked up from a charity shop, and is now convinced that she has been "cursed for life."

Georgina Jones couldn't help but buy a cute porcelain ornament when she spotted the word "Goblin" beautifully written on the front and it made her laugh.

But it wasn't until she got home and opened the knick-knack that she realised what she had actually purchased.

A woman was terrified to find what had been left inside her charity shop purchase. (
Twitter/ @GINATONIC)

Sharing the sobering experience on Twitter, she wrote: "Oh my GOD I just bought this little trinket in a charity shop coz it made me laugh it said goblin on it (there was a merlin too) and i've just opened it and there's f*ckin ASHES INSIDE.

"That's it I'm cursed for life now aren't I."

Georgina's followers, who were equally disturbed by her findings, convinced her that she would be haunted by the spirits of Goblin and Merlin if she didn't track down the original owner or else bury the ashes.


One follower commented: "OK so you need to make finding out who these ashes belong to your life’s work now…"

Another suggested: "Go back for Merlin and bury them ASAP."

A third tweeted: "Oh no you're going to be haunted by that animal, like in Pet Sematary! maybe you should take it back & explain, it might have been donated by mistake - at least it'll get the accursed object out of your house."

However, it looks as though Goblin and Merlin will be separated for the foreseeable. Georgina explained to her followers that she didn't even live near the charity shop, and had only gone in on a whim during a day-trip.

Georgina and her followers couldn't work out what animal the ashes might have belonged to. (

Other Twitter users assured Georgina that she had nothing to worry about, and that if anyone was going to be haunted by the ghosts of Goblin and Merlin, it would be whoever put their ashes in a charity shop in the first place.

"Can't say I'm surprised it's an urn, but I am surprised someone donated a used urn with ashes still inside????" commented one follower.

"Oof, impromptu burial on the cards, you didn't put goblin in a charity shop, that must absolve you of any hauntings surely, I just hope Goblin was a name and not a description of contents," joked another.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ GINA TONIC

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