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Woman Makes Fake Love Bites To Keep Men Away At Gym

Woman Makes Fake Love Bites To Keep Men Away At Gym

The woman shared the "life hack" on TikTok

A woman has shared a "life hack" to prevent men from approaching her in the gym using makeup.

The TikToker @blackmarketbagelsociety shared her tip on the video sharing app, and left users stunned when she admitted to using brown eyeshadow on her neck to mimic the appearance of love bites.

And it appears the 'hack' has been successful judging by the TikToker’s caption. The caption states the “hickeys”, as they are known in the US, have prevented men from trying to “correct” her form since she started using it.

"No man has tried to correct my form since smearing brown eyeshadow on my neck like hickeys," she revealed in the video.

The TikToker shared her unique gym 'hack' (

"Guess my form is just better this week," she quipped.

The TikToker also filmed herself working out in the gym with her fake love bites seen clearly on her neck.

The video received a mixed reaction from viewers, with some people praising the gym goer for her novel idea whilst others were more critical.

“Misogynistic problems require misogynistic solutions,” replied one TikTok commenter.

Another woman said: “They respect the 'man' you were 'with' more than you as a human being which says a lot about society.”

Similarly, a third woman wrote: “Men will literally respect imaginary men more than real living women.”

One man said: “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

Many social media users praised her hack (

While other users expressed sadness because the gym goer had to go to such lengths to avoid unwanted attention from men. 

“1. That’s hella creative, 2. I absolutely with all my heart hate that you had to go to that length to get men to not give unsolicited advice,” they said.

Another commenter typed a similar response: “The fact that we have to mark ourselves like animals to get guys to stay away from us is ridiculous.”

One comment suggested the men in the gym may be attempting to flirt.

The gym goer gave her followers a close look at her fake love bites (

In a short follow-up video, the TikToker responded to the user's suggestion. "That's the whole point," she explained. "They are trying to flirt with me and I don't want it."

"So when they see the hickeys, they're like 'oh, off the market'.

"I don't need them to correct my f***ing form. I'm staring myself in the mirror and I know my form is great, well it's pretty damn good.

"And when it's not, it hurts and I notice."

Featured Image Credit: blackmarketbagelsociety0/TikTok

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