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'I'm Best Friends With My Ex's New Wife'

'I'm Best Friends With My Ex's New Wife'

A woman is now best friends with her ex’s new wife even though they loathed each other when they first met.

A woman, who is now best friends with her ex’s new wife, has told how the pair forged an unlikely friendship even though they loathed each other when they met for the first time.

Taylor Cole, 27, who shares son Beckham, three, with her ex, a sheriff named Gentry Hatch, 27, admitted she was threatened by his new girlfriend and later wife Madison Hatch, 22.

Taylor and Madison have become best friends (

The women even fought when Madison angered Taylor by posting pictures of toddler Beckham on Instagram.

However ,the sourness between the pair has sweetened and they now consider themselves best friends, speaking to each other every single day and enjoying spa days, as well as celebrating holidays and co-parenting Beckham together.

Taylor, a sports reporter, from Utah County, Utah, USA, said: “I didn’t like Madison. No mum wants to be replaced and the idea that Beckham would like her more than me was hard.”

Madison, who is studying therapy at university, added: “I made assumptions about who Taylor was as a person and I didn’t see things from her perspective.

“We didn’t really like each other but it wasn’t because of each other, it was because of the situation.”

Taylor, who is also mum to Ledger, one, with her new husband Cameron, said that her strained relationship with Gentry made matters between her and Madison worse.

Madison and Taylor now see eye-to-eye when it comes to Beckham (

“I met Gentry in college and we went out for two and a half years and I got pregnant by accident," she added. "It was a really big deal and a really stressful time. We ended up in courts fighting over custody - it was a very acrimonious split. I couldn’t have foreseen a time when we would be friendly.

“I tried my best to avoid him and when we did see each other, we would fight with each other.”

The women finally met at Taylor’s birthday dinner in 2018, but they did not hit it off and later had a falling out over Madison’s Instagram posts of Beckham.

Madison explained: “I was posting pictures of Beckham like he was my child and from Taylor’s point of view, I was just the girlfriend. But for me those posts showed that I was serious about my relationship with Gentry.”

Taylor said: “I just felt like I didn’t want someone showing off Beckham on the internet.

“I had a fight with Gentry about it which only caused more problems.”

When Madison invited Taylor and Cameron, 27, who works in software sales, to her December 2019 wedding to Gentry, the relations between the women began to change.

Taylor said: “When Madison chose to invite me and Cameron to her wedding, I felt like that was an act of solidarity. She cared to be our friend.”

Taylor with husband Cameron and Madison with husband Gentry (

Madison also reached out to Taylor to explain she had no intention of taking over her role as Beckham’s mother.

“I told her that my intentions were never to be his mum," she said.

“I was just here for extra support and extra love.

“She texted me saying: ‘If Beckham has to have another mum, I’m glad it’s you.’”

Over the last 18 months, the women have grown so close that they speak daily and consider each other best friends.

Taylor said: “I think she’s my best friend, I tell her everything, we share a child. It’s a woman-to-woman relationship, not just mum-to-mum.

The friends shared their top tips to becoming friendly with your ex’s new significant other.

Taylor said: “Have a group chat so you all know what’s going on and there are less miscommunications that way.”

Madison added: “Start doing little things together that will make you feel more comfortable in each other’s company.

“And finally have compassion for each other.

“Co-parenting is very emotional and you have to take a step back and look at it from the other person’s perspective.”

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