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Women Are Turning To Witchcraft For Dating Help

Women Are Turning To Witchcraft For Dating Help

'WitchTok' has gone wild with spells to enrich your love life. Where do we sign up?

'Tis the season of the witch, and more people are turning to them for help than ever before.

We've all wanted to work some kind of magic on someone we're crushing on. But aside from search engines, dusty books and overpriced 'magic spell' apps, there hasn't been a lot of hope for us in recent years.

Thankfully, where there's TikTok, there's a way. The spellbinding side of the app - more commonly known as WitchTok - has been teaching followers how to spice up their love lives using everything they see around them.

From crystals and quartz to scented candles and incense, women have been finding ethereal and easy ways to enrich their relationships.

What Is WitchTok?

Gone are the days of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Hocus Pocus and Henrietta Hubble. We’re in a new age of TikTok witchcraft, free from harmful myths and stereotypes.

WitchTok creators each have their own craft, so it isn’t easy to pin down and define in any one sense. Some witches do tarot readings, some make potions and some present tutorials on how to correctly cultivate and care for crystals. There are an infinite number of witch types, including green witches, baby witches, brujas and wiccans.

WitchTok creator Teddy aims to squash myths about traditional and modern practices, particularly when it comes to matters of the heart. “Magick is all about centring the self," they said. “Not so much about stereotypical, dangerous witchy women controlling their partners”. 

Rose Quartz and Carnelian crystals are perfect for promoting attraction. [
Unsplash/Anton Maksimov]

How Can WitchTok Help You Find Love?

WitchTok is all about harnessing the power of nature. Thankfully for our minds and bank accounts, it doesn’t involve reciting poems in Latin or dusting off an ancient manuscript.

We spoke to witch, blogger and owner of Digital Coven Emma Carney for more insight. “In witchcraft, you have to respect yourself and your inner power," she said. “You basically attract what you think and feel. If your intent isn’t strong enough, the magick won’t work – or worse, go in the opposite direction."

According to Emma, we don’t even really need tangible tools in order to cast a love spell. “Affirmation and manifestation are very useful for building up your self-confidence and self-love," she said. “Teaching yourself to look in the mirror and say positive things every day really helped me."

"None of the myths are true about Witchcraft", Holly told us. [

WitchTok Taught These Women How To Enrich Their Love Lives

In order to get a better idea of how WitchTok seeks to help young women, we spoke to Holly, a baby witch.

"Carnelian is a Halloween crystal," she told us. "It's supposed to attract new energy, new lovers. Rose Quartz is another love crystal, but this one is specifically for healing your heart".

Crystals can be pretty pricey and difficult to obtain, so we wondered if there were any other rituals for matters of the heart.

"I learnt the pheromone spell from WitchTok," she said. "It works by putting rosehip oil behind your ears". Other Wiccan content creators stream live Tarot readings, often being requested by people unlucky in love.

Wicca and witchcraft is all about harnessing confidence through nature. [

TikToker Teddy certainly isn’t a fan of traditional love spells. “I’m not much of a believer in the type of spells which focus on one particular person," they said. “I personally think they violate consent”.

Rituals related to confidence, however, are a different story. “I don’t see anything wrong with manifesting the type of love we want," they continued. “Through manifestation, you’re setting out to change your self-perception and attract what you want”.

WitchTok has taught them the importance of self-confidence.

“Having someone on screen guiding me through these ideals is really helpful for making my own self-esteem spells," they added.

Love rituals tend to focus on one person, which make some witches feel uncomfortable. [

Holly confessed that WitchTok has helped her in a number of ways since she first started watching. "I've turned to WitchTok for help with manifestation, as well as opening my third eye. I’m a lot more open-minded, and I enjoy having new experiences now," she said.

"I used to think Witchcraft was really cultish and scary, but connecting with other Witches has made me think twice about dark magic and Satanism."

We asked Holly how she'd define Witchcraft and Wicca in a sentence. She told us: "It's all about empowering your mind, body and lifestyle with nature."

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