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Shocking Moment Bride Dislocates Her Leg During First Dance

Shocking Moment Bride Dislocates Her Leg During First Dance


At long last, weddings are back in their intended form – debauched, wild and brilliant.

However, one bride took the excitement of her big day just a little bit too far, with her excitable first dance resulting in a dash to the emergency room.

Watch the video below.


TikTokker Liz Richter posted the hilarious (if not wince-inducing) video of her brother’s wedding, with the bride and groom looking more in love than ever as they took to the dancefloor.

“Best day of their lives,” Liz wrote as the pair boogeyed on down excitedly, “Until the first dance”.

The pair danced excitedly at the wedding (
TikTok - liz richter)

Then, the clip shows the groom lovingly looking into his beautiful bride’s eyes as he bends her backwards. But it clear something is not quite right as viewers hear the bride's leg click.

A bridesmaid rushes over as the bride limps off the dancefloor, supported by her new hubby.

Well, the vows do say in sickness and in health!

A bridesmaid rushed to help (
TikTok - liz richter)

The TikTok then shows the bride in her full wedding gown on a stretcher as she is taken to hospital as it’s then revealed she has indeed dislocated her leg.

The final part of the TikTok then shows the bride in a heavy cast as she is left to recover.

Liz captioned the video: “She will be okay in 4-6 weeks.”

The bride was put on a stretcher (
TikTok - liz richter)

The video has since gone viral, with the scenes being broadcast on news channels around the world, including on American network CNN.

And many TikTok viewers took to the comments to express their horror at the footage, sending their well-wishes to the bride.

“Get this girl a redo!” one person commented, while another said: “It looked so painful! Hope you get to do your reception again!”

The bride was treated at hospital (
TikTok - liz richter)

In other wedding news, the UK government have revealed that couples should cancel their weddings if they're contacted by NHS Track and Trace.

Speaking on LBC, Vicky Atkins, the Home Office minister was hypothetically asked what someone should do if they were "pinged the night before [their] wedding".

But the happy couple took it in their stride (
TikTok - liz richter)

After a pause, she said: "Oh gosh. The guidance is 'please, you must stay at home'. That is a terribly, terribly difficult scenario."

You can read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - Liz Richter

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