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People Can't Get Over This Groom's Outfit At His Wedding Ceremony

People Can't Get Over This Groom's Outfit At His Wedding Ceremony

Sir, this is your wedding.

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life – asserting your vows with the love of your life in front of all your family and friends.

Naturally, people want to take photos of this happy occasion, so you want to look your very best.

And while here at Tyla we’re all for people being happy and comfortable wearing whatever they would like on their wedding day, even we were taken aback by one groom’s choice or outfit.

Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life (

Shared on Reddit’s r/weddingshaming forum, user margnaheglish shared a picture of one bride and groom cutting their wedding cake with a sword.

The bride was dressed in the traditional long white gown, with a layered skirt, but the groom had certainly eschewed any convention by opting to wear a black slogan t-shirt and brown cargo shorts.

Erm…each to their own but also, sir, this is your wedding?

Naturally, Reddit users were stunned at the very casual choice of wedding attire, with one person writing: “These kinds of pictures always make me sad. They also make me wonder if the effort put into their outfits for their literal wedding correlates to the efforts they put into their relationships.”

Another person added: “My husband dresses like he's homeless but he put on a suit for our wedding. Not very hard to wear one for part of one day. This guy's a knob.”

Some people thought the groom's lack of effort pointed to something more (

While a third said: “That’s what I don’t get!! Why is this a thing?? Why is the bar SO LOW and they’re so apparently socially inept that this some how gets green lighted? How can a person who is emotionally so tone deaf they show up to their wedding like this be expected to be emotionally literate enough to maintain a relationship for the rest of their life.”

And a fourth made a very salient point: “Generally speaking I understand that some people would want a small, demonstratively laid back wedding or entirely skip the ceremony at all, but both need to be on the same page. If that's the groom, he's letting the bride hanging on the very day of their marriage...if that's the effort he's willing to put in that day, can't imagine how much he's going to bother after a couple of years.”

Fingers crossed that this guy’s dress sense doesn’t correspond to how much he cares about his new wife… 

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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