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People Baffled By Couple's Specific Wedding Rules

People Baffled By Couple's Specific Wedding Rules

“Questions, comments and concerns…not allowed.”

We get it – your wedding day is meant to be one of the best days of your life, and so you want everything to be perfect.

But one pair of soon-to-be newlyweds left their guests unimpressed by their strict list of stipulations for their upcoming nuptials.

In a post that was shared ion the R/WeddingShaming thread on Reddit, one person posted a list of ‘the don’ts’ the happy couple had ‘banned’ from taking place at their wedding.

The wedding list raised a few eyebrows (

The list included: “No rubber bands on your wrists, no cell phones and no gum chewing.”

Flip-flops from Old Navy, glow sticks and Apple Watches were also on the no-no list.

Even certain types of alcohol are ‘banned’, with the list adding that guests may only drink from wine glasses on the dancefloor, and beer will only be served once the photographers leave the wedding.

“Questions, comments and concerns…not allowed,” the list ends, showing that there was no room for negotiations in the list.

Naturally, the good people on Reddit couldn’t help but drink up the drama, flocking to the comments to lay the snarkiness on thick.

The newlyweds had specific rules about their wedding day (

Some Redditors found that lack of specifics amusing, and suggested many loopholes for the rules in question.

“I like that I can wear my Walmart flip flops, just not my Old Navy ones,” joked one person.

A second sniggered: “You're also in the clear for that knockoff smart watch you found in the discount section. Rock on!”

“The only one that really bothers me is no questions, comments, or concerns,” a third person said. “That's a good way to add a lot of stress day-of because people couldn't ask about something and had to guess if was good or bad for you.”

“From now on, I am bringing glow sticks to every wedding I attend!” laughed a fourth.

Phones are also banned at the top table (

However, not everyone thought the rules were ridiculous, with some people in agreement with the strict list. 

“All her rules make sense. She wants everyone to look nice for photos,” one person pointed out.

While a second agreed: “I think no phones during speeches at the head table is a perfectly acceptable rule.”

Jury’s out on this one, we reckon.

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