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People Are Loving This Wedding Advert To Find Mother-In-Law A Wedding Date

People Are Loving This Wedding Advert To Find Mother-In-Law A Wedding Date

And you’ll earn good money too.

As much as we all love a wedding, tying the knot rarely comes without any drama.

We’ve seen it all – stingy couples, nightmare bridezillas and ridiculous rules, but this advert to find someone’s mother-in-law really does take the (wedding) cake.

Posted on the WeddingShaming forum on Reddit, user glass_heart sent over a screenshot of an advert posted on Craigslist.

Would do this for $1000? (

The advert reads: “Hello! I’m looking for a wedding date for my mother-in-law from Friday evening to Saturday evening for a wedding in Hudson Valley in August.

“She needs constant attention and supervision. She will probably wear white and try and escalate small dramas – your job is simply to distract and de-escalate.

“Flatter her for two days and make an easy $1000.”

Not everyone gets along with their in-laws (

The ad goes on to specify that the person selected needs to be “conversationalist, de-escalator and a good dancer,” and “previous experience with a narcissist is a plus.”

The ‘lucky’ candidate will also need to be able to feign interest in the mother-in-law, be aged between 40 and 60, and has their own suit to wear.

Meanwhile, the bride and groom will put you up with your own hotel room, provide you with food, cover your travel expenses and even provide you with conversation topics over the night – and that’s not mentioning the actual $1000 (£724.48) fee.

The lucky candidate would have to occupy the woman all through the wedding (

“I can’t decide if this is tacky, or brilliant,” original poster glass_heart said. “I wouldn’t have been able to pay enough $$ for someone to be willing to distract my mother-in-law.”

And people were quick to comment that this is actually a brilliant idea for dealing with tricky mothers-in-law.

When I read it, I immediately thought of my husband,” one person said. “He is amazing at de-escalating situations and he would be fantastic at this. He deals with my crazy mom all the time for free.”

As a trained actor, this would be an excellent gig!” a second added. “Pays well, too. Several of my fellow actors would probably jump at this.”

While a third said: “This is just asking to be a romantic comedy. Netflix where you at?”

Fingers cross this monster-in-law meets her match with her date – hell, we’d do it if they’re happy to pay us $1000!

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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