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People Are Obsessed With This Wedding Fail Caught On Camera

People Are Obsessed With This Wedding Fail Caught On Camera

We feel so sorry for this bridesmaid!

Twitter users couldn't stop laughing at a wedding fail this week, after a groom posted a photo of his sister falling over during his big day.

Writing on social media, he said: "Six years ago I married the love of my life and my sister fell over."

Alongside the tweet was a photo of the happy couple sharing a kiss as newlywed husband and wife - and in the background, the groom's sister can be seen totally horizontal on the floor.

The groom's sister fell over during the ceremony (
Sean Cook Weddings)

And it's fair to say Twitter had a lot of questions!

One person wrote: "Was she drunk already? Shouldn't laugh but it could have been worse she could have knocked the bride over too, who incidentally looked gorgeous x."

While another said: "I am sorry, look random stranger here, but I have so many questions!! We’ll mainly one I guess 1) how did she fall? Sub question apart from her dignity was she ok?"

The groom explained it was very warm in the venue (
Sean Cook Weddings)

It's not clear why she fell, but the groom responded explaining that the venue was pretty stuffy, writing: "It was a hot day in Chicago - obviously the giant floor to ceiling windows were beautiful when we saw the venue in November. By the time we got married in the July, it was a greenhouse in there.

"Nothing bruised other than her ego! Thanks for the concern."

The groom then went on to share the sequence of photos showing his father-in-law rushing in to help.

The groom's father-in-law rushed over to help (
Sean Cook Weddings)

We're so glad she was okay!

In other wedding news, last week we told you about the shocking moment that a bride actually dislocated her leg during the first dance.

TikTokker Liz Richter posted the video of her brother’s wedding, with the bride and groom looking mega loved up as they took to the dancefloor.

“Best day of their lives,” Liz wrote. “Until the first dance”.

Then, the clip shows the groom bending his bride backwards. But it's clear something is not quite right as viewers hear the bride's leg click.

You can watch the shocking video here!

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