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People Are Seriously Divided Over This Wedding Cake Topper

Kimberley Bond

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People Are Seriously Divided Over This Wedding Cake Topper

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

Okay, we hate to admit it – we’re judgy as hell when it comes to people’s weddings.

Be it bitchy invites, beastly bridezillas or bad behaviour, we cannot help but revel in some of the nightmareish stories – which is why we are well and truly hooked on Reddit’s r/weddingshaming thread.

And one post about one particularly tacky cake topper certainly set tongues wagging on the website.

Posted by user Amy Smithers, who had found the clip on Instagram, the cake topper showed the groom sat in a comfy armchair, enraptured as he played video games. The bride, however, looked mightily annoyed as she stands beside him.

Cringe cake topper, not to mention the fondant,” she wrote.

However, the post divided the rest of the r/weddingshaming forum.

Some find cake toppers tacky (Credit: Shutterstock)
Some find cake toppers tacky (Credit: Shutterstock)

There was a definite camp of people who found the cheesy topper quite cringey, with one person writing: “I hate these kinds of cake toppers. Especially those ones with the bride dragging the groom or a literal ball and chain or whatever. Who is it for?”

A second agreed: “I’m with you on this. These kind of toppers are s***. And don’t get me started on the ones with the shotguns. They just aren’t funny. Or cute.

Why do people find ‘I hate my wife/I’m useless and my wife does everything, jokes so funny? I don’t get it,” a third asked.

However, some people seemed to quite like the idea of this sort of cake topper, if it was done a little differently.

Others found this sort of cake topper quite endearing (Credit: Shutterstock)
Others found this sort of cake topper quite endearing (Credit: Shutterstock)

I could see a cake topper with a couch and both the bride and groom playing a co-op game together,” one person wrote. “I've always liked the cake toppers that show the couple enjoying each others’ company.”

“Our cake topper is going to be the two of us gaming together,” said a second, while a third said: “A gamer couple having a topper of them playing games together in their wedding outfits would be way too cute.”

Hmmm…it’s a no from us, unfortunately.

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Kimberley Bond
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