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You Can Now Buy A 'Tiger King' Inspired Joe Exotic Crochet Kit

You Can Now Buy A 'Tiger King' Inspired Joe Exotic Crochet Kit

We're not exaggerating when we say Tiger King has infiltrated every aspect of our lives RN.

We've watched the crazy Netflix series twice over, followed by the Louis Theroux documentary, listened to the podcast, read all the mind-blowing conspiracy theories the Internet has to offer, and still, our thirst has not been quenched for the big cat world and its colourful cast of characters.

Now, we've got our eye on a Joe Exotic crochet kit that we can do while watch Tiger King all over again. Hoorah!


Allison Hoffman of crochet company Crafty Is Cool, has recently completed a pattern for the documentary's main man as well as a tiger cub ('cause: Joe Exotic), meaning you can stitch your own Joe from the comfort of your home.

Sold on Etsy for just £7.08, you'll be able to download the pattern made up of 21 pages and including 57 photos, including intricate instructions on how to make the design.

Allison warns that basic techniques like "crocheting in the round, construction, increasing and decreasing, and basic embroidery" are needed.

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She adds: "It has lots of details so beginners might like the challenge, intermediates might breeze through, and advanced crocheters will laugh at its simplicity."

The crocheted Mr Exotic measures 12.5 inches tall, while the tiger cub sits at 3.25 inches, and the design is SPOT ON, featuring his sequinned shirt, knee brace, eyebrow piercing and signature bleaches mullet.


Just remember the price doesn't include the yarn, you'll have to buy that separately.

Happy crocheting, cool cats and kittens!

The PDF Exotic Tiger Man Crochet Amigurumi Pattern call be purchased on Etsy here.

Featured Image Credit: Allison Hoffman

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